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[Podcast] This 10-year-old child decodes the restraints on female entrepreneurship

In this new episode of ” The Business World with Pierre-Raffaele “, Florence Blaimont, the boss of the WoWo Community, decodes the five restraints to female entrepreneurship.

Pierre-Raffaele is astonished to see that women are less represented in companies than men, especially within the entrepreneurial class. How then can we explain that women are less entrepreneurial? It is the result, according to Florence Blaimont, of 5 restraints to female entrepreneurship.

Restraint n°1: balancing a personal and a professional life

Women are afraid that by investing time and energy in their projects, they will have to abandon their families, no longer be good mothers or wives. But if there are male entrepreneurs, it is possible. Some women entrepreneurs have children, and they have prominent positions in large companies. For Florence Blaimont, balancing entrepreneurship and personal life is entirely possible. It “just” requires a certain degree of discipline in terms of time management.

Restraint n°2: fear of under-earning

Women are terrified of not being able to “make ends meet”. As Florence Blaimont told us in a podcast, we made with her, and her experience shows that one in three women entrepreneurs do not earn enough money. Entrepreneurship becomes for women a kind of “hobby” with little or no pay, fuelled by a negative image of women making money.

Pierre-Raffaele and Florence Blaimont during the shooting of episode 6.

Pierre-Raffaele and Florence Blaimont during the shooting of episode 6.

Restraint n°3: lack of confidence

Self-confidence is a pillar of entrepreneurship. According to Florence Blaimont, women suffer more than men from a lack of confidence. This leads them to think that they won’t succeed. A consequence of this lack of confidence is that women entrepreneurs make less use of bank loans than male entrepreneurs. Is this another symptom of lack of self-confidence? Just because a product or service already exists on the market does not necessarily mean that the market is blocked. Differentiation (see this other video by Pierre-Raffaele) is a marketing strategy that pays off to assert oneself on the market.

Restraint n°4: lack of training

This includes further education after classical studies. When children come on the scene, a woman’s working life is usually put on hold. They, therefore, feel that they are no longer up to date, especially when it comes to digital technology.

Restraint n°5: the feeling of being alone

Women entrepreneurs feel that they are alone, they lack support and most of the time, they lack the network. Building a network is often done outside working hours. Networking, therefore, requires an advance organisation (baby-sitter) and the need to feel well accompanied.

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