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IntoTheMinds is a survey company based in France and Belgium. Online surveys can be conducted in all countries thanks to our B2B and B2C panels. Whatever the nature of your project, we will be able to offer you a representative sample. You will also receive end-to-end support in setting up the survey. From formulating questions to statistical analysis of results, including the choice of measurement scales, IntoTheMinds ensures complete project management. Choose peace of mind by entrusting your project to the most rigorous survey company in the market.

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The services of our survey company

  • Types of surveys: B2C (up to 10,000 respondents per country) and B2B (up to 1,000 respondents per country)
  • Covered territories: Europe and the Americas for B2B; worldwide for B2C
  • Techniques: CAWI, CATI, CAPI
  • Budget: from 4000€ excluding VAT (depending on the sample size)
  • Duration of the study: 7 to 15 days for a sample of 500 respondents in B2C
  • Deliverables: results in PowerPoint or Word format, anonymized data, PowerBI or Tableau files, infographics (optional, from 390€ excluding VAT)
  • Quotes: within 48 hours. Immediate approximate budget by contacting us by phone at +33 1 88 32 73 44 (France) or +32 2 347 45 86 (Belgium)

Why rely on us?

Our survey company will allow you to:

  • collect enough responses to guarantee the reliability of the results
  • have access to representative samples
  • avoid biases at all stages of the project
  • benefit from actionable recommendations

Only a survey company can enable you to collect enough responses for the results to be extrapolatable. Indeed, we do not use convenience samples. Thanks to our online panels we can survey all profiles, even the most complicated ones.

Moreover, we are one of the few survey companies to conduct B2B surveys. We are able to survey professionals whom we select based on

  • their role in the company
  • the industry sector
  • the size of the company

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survey company testimonial: Beatrice Böhm

Beatrice Böhm, Marketing & Communication Manager, Reverse.


“IntoTheMinds survey company conducted several missions for Reverse. After a qualitative study on the French market, their team conducted 2 B2B surveys on the HR practices of French companies. The IntoTheMinds team was a great help and provided results and recommendations quickly and for a very competitive budget.

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with IntoTheMinds and highly recommend their services”.

Examples of recently completed projects

Below are some examples of surveys conducted for clients in recent months.

logo reverseReverse (Italy): two surveys conducted in France on corporate recruitment practices. Use of a sample of 350 HR managers in companies with more than 10 employees. The results were partly published by the client and are accessible here. The testimony of Beatrice Böhm, marketing and communication manager, is available above.

logo CCI Nice Côte d'AzurChamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice (France): conducting a telephone survey among training organizations in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. The purpose of this survey was to measure the evolution of practices during the Covid pandemic.

logo deloitteDeloitte (Belgium): implementation of an online survey to measure trends in connected insurance. Use of a representative sample of the Belgian population (N=1000 respondents). Administration of the survey in the two national languages (French and Dutch) respecting regional quotas.

logo chrysalChrysal (Netherlands): conducting a survey among a representative sample of the German population (1000 respondents). This survey aimed to test the reactions of individuals to a new product.

logo factorial Factorial (Spain): conducting a survey in 10 European and South American countries among CEOs and HR managers. The survey was conducted on large samples (between 400 and 1000 respondents per geographic area).

logo renewiRenewi (Belgium): a survey in 2 languages conducted in Belgium aimed at measuring awareness among 900 professionals divided into 3 segments. The survey aimed to test the awareness of Renewi in Belgium depending on the role of the respondent.

logo primagazPrimagaz (Netherlands): IntoTheMinds has been Primagaz’s partner since 2019 in conducting awareness studies. We use a survey of 1200 respondents to measure brand awareness for its 2 product lines: gas tanks and gas bottles.

When to conduct a survey?

A survey aims to ask questions to a representative sample of its target population in order to extrapolate the results. Econometric laws allow determining the margin of error based on the sample size and the quality of the responses.

The reasons for conducting a survey can be numerous:

  • awareness study
  • satisfaction study
  • advertising tests
  • pricing determination
  • testing the interest of prospects for a new product/service

We will propose the methodological approach adapted to your project. The survey can be conducted using our panel or your customer databases.

GDPR and Cloud Act: application to surveys

The issue of GDPR is of course central to surveys. But beyond that, the issue of the Cloud Act also arises. To avoid data transfer problems related to this American legislation, IntoTheMinds has set up its own data collection infrastructure. We use an open-source solution, implemented on our servers located in France. The company hosting them is French and is therefore not subject to American law. In doing so, we minimize risks to your data.

How many respondents for your survey?

The question of the number of respondents is frequently asked by our clients. We adequately advise them on what is possible based on:

  • the available budget
  • technical constraints related to the profile of the targets

In general, we advise our clients to use minimum samples of

  • 500 respondents in B2C
  • 200 respondents in B2B

To go further in calculating sample sizes for your surveys, we provide the interactive calculator below.

Calculate the size of the sample required for your survey

Fill this field to calculate
Fill this field to calculate

Please enter values in the population size and margin of error fields to find out the size of the sample required.

The size of your survey sample should be: -.

If you want to know more about quantitative methodologies, please read our guide or contact us. We conduct qualitative and quantitative market research throughout Europe.

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How to leverage survey results?

Our institute offers several solutions to leverage the results of a survey. Whatever the nature of your project, it is always possible to present the results in a form that increases their impact.

We exclusively use advanced Business Intelligence solutions to analyze the results. This allows us to create impactful visualizations that can be integrated into:

  • reports
  • PowerPoint-type presentations

infographic created from a surveySince 2022 we also offer an infographic service to increase your company’s visibility in the media.

When conducting a survey, we propose including a few questions related to your topic that are likely to interest the media. We then take care of creating an infographic that we distribute to journalists as well as on social networks.