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Understand, measure and improve your customers' satisfaction

IntoTheMinds conducts customer satisfaction surveys in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and throughout Europe. We carry out purely quantitative research but also, when necessary, carry out complete research-based first of all on a qualitative phase to determine the themes to be evaluated and then on the design of quantitative measurement instruments. We work both from your own database (in compliance with the GDPR, see our analysis here) and based on external panels, again in strict compliance with the GDPR.

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Our satisfaction survey services at a glance

  • Methods: qualitative (for identifying factors to be quantified) and quantitative (online survey, paper survey, telephone survey)
  • Languages: FR, EN, NL, DE for the qualitative part. Any other language for the quantitative part
  • Budget: from 5000€ excluding VAT for surveys in a single geographical territory
  • Deadline: 3-4 weeks for the quantitative phase
  • Quote: within 24 hours for quantitative surveys; within 48 hours when a qualitative step is required

Why do a customer satisfaction survey?

The answer to this question seems obvious at first sight: because every company should be committed to satisfying its customers. If this explanation is not enough, many studies have found a correlation between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty on the one hand, and between customer loyalty and profits on the other. Focusing on customer satisfaction means giving yourself the means to ultimately increase your profits.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review shows that 5 more loyalty points can lead to 85% more profits. Do you need to say more to convince yourself to invest in customer satisfaction?

5 stars in wood representing the concept of customer satisfaction

How does a customer satisfaction survey work?

Hand putting a 5th star on a woodnen staircase, symbol of increased customer satisfactionThe conduct of a satisfaction survey depends on the customer’s maturity in measuring customer satisfaction.

The first case is that of companies that already have measuring instruments at their disposal and who ask us to ensure the continuity of the measurement and analysis of results. In this case, we take the existing questionnaire, program it in a software program of the customer’s choice (for online surveys) and carry out the survey and analyse the results.

Another case concerns customers wishing to replicate satisfaction measures in other countries. In this case, we start from an existing quantitative questionnaire to adapt it to the new geographical scope and then administer it.

The last case is that of companies that do not yet have any measuring equipment and for which everything must be designed. First of all, it is necessary to define the most important themes, identify the most critical factors to be measured, create a quantitative questionnaire, administer it and analyse the results.

What is the purpose of the qualitative phase in a satisfaction survey?

In the last case (that of a company that has never conducted a customer satisfaction survey before) it is necessary to first determine the most critical topics to be addressed, to define the priorities (so that the survey does not exceed 10 minutes) and to define the variables to be measured. To do this, a short qualitative phase is required. It consists of conducting short interviews (mostly by telephone) with your clients to identify the priority areas of work and the most important themes for your clients. A gap between what the company’s employees consider essential and what customers really think requires hearing the customer’s voice to conduct an objective and reliable satisfaction survey.

What is the point of a satisfaction survey if you only measure variables that are important for your employees but anecdotal for your customers?

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GDPR is important for customer satisfaction surveys

GDPR and the online measurement of customer satisfaction

Since May 2018, some customers have rightly questioned the legal implications of entrusting an external partner with the conduct of a satisfaction survey. To address these concerns, we have published a detailed analysis that you can read here.

A satisfaction survey meets the requirements of the GDPR under the term legitimate business interest (Chapter II, Article 9, §2d), which does not require the prior consent of the respondent. To avoid any transfer of data, we have put in place a process to ensure that personal data is never transferred to us. We recommend that you acquire a license for survey administration software in which the results will be aggregated. In this way, you remain in control of your data, and we have only temporary, limited and controlled access to it while the results are being analysed.

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