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Brand awareness survey

Our firm conducts brand awareness surveys in all European countries. We are also one of the only market research firms to support you in both B2B and B2C brand awareness surveys. Our B2B panel indeed allows us to question professional decision-makers in most countries.

Entrust us with your brand awareness survey

Our brand awareness survey services

  • Methods used: quantitative (online surveys) or qualitative (qualitative interviews, mystery shopping)
  • Types of targets: B2C and B2B
  • Respondent profiling: sectoral, geographical, by function, by age group, by gender, …
  • Territories covered: all of Europe + North America
  • Budget: from €5000 excluding VAT
  • Duration of the study: from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the methodological approach
  • Quote: within 48 hours

What is the purpose of a brand awareness survey?

The goal of a brand awareness survey is to measure the proportion of your target population that knows your brand, your products/services, your company.

The target population naturally varies depending on your industry and the nature of your offer. At IntoTheMinds, we can conduct brand awareness surveys in all sectors, even the most specific ones. You will find examples of studies in B2C and B2B at the bottom of this page.

A brand awareness survey allows you to clearly establish the situation of your brand/company and to implement marketing actions to consolidate or improve your position. We deliver pragmatic recommendations to help you.

How to measure brand awareness?

There are many ways to measure brand awareness. The most common are:

  • Top of Mind Awareness (TOM): When consumers are asked to name a brand in a specific product or service category, the “top of mind” brand is the one that comes to mind first.
  • Spontaneous Awareness: brands that are recalled without help when respondents are asked to list all the brands they know in a given category.
  • Aided Awareness: when consumers recognize a brand after being helped or stimulated, for example, by seeing a list of brands or a logo.

We generally complement the measurement of these constructs with questions related to:

  • competition
  • price perception
  • brand choice criteria
  • purchase habits over the last 12 months

Entrust us with your brand awareness survey: quote in 48 hours

Should you prefer a survey or a qualitative approach?

Quantitative methods (such as surveys, for example) are preferable for reliably measuring brand awareness. We use our B2B and B2C panels to deliver results on several hundred respondents. This approach limits the margin of error and also offers numerous possibilities in terms of result analysis (analysis by segment, geography, …).

Qualitative methods are much less frequently used. The size of the sample indeed poses a problem as it does not allow extrapolating results. However, in some very specific situations, the qualitative approach is the only possible one. This is the case in B2B in highly concentrated sectors or when the profile of the targets is so specific that it is illusory to want to reach them online.

What information is delivered at the end of the study?

Our firm will deliver directly usable information:

  • awareness of your company compared to the competition
  • customer segments where your awareness is strongest/weakest
  • analysis of possible correlations with brand awareness results
  • possible actions to undertake

Brand awareness study: examples of projects

logo primagazPrimagaz (Belgium): conducting the annual brand awareness barometer among clients and non-clients. Measurement of competitive pressure in B2C, analysis by geographical area and respondent profile.

logo factorialFactorial (Spain): B2B brand awareness study. Measurement of Factorial’s brand awareness in 10 countries among 2900 HR managers and CEOs. This project resulted in a publication by our client. This project is one of the most ambitious studies we have conducted to date.

logo wittamerWittamer (Belgium): measuring the brand awareness of this nearly century-old brand among consumers and businesses. In the same survey, we also measured areas for improvement, customer loyalty factors, and expectations.

logo trestonTreston (France): B2B brand awareness study among 500 companies in France. In addition to information on brand image, we took advantage of this quantitative survey to collect information on competitors (pricing, positioning, …) and on the needs of businesses.

logo renewiRenewi: analysis of B2B brand awareness among 600 companies in Belgium. Online survey conducted respecting quotas by region and making measurements according to regional context. A specific list of competitors was for example proposed depending on the region where the respondent was located.

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