Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, directeur de l'agence d'études de marché IntoTheMinds, dans ses bureaux belges

Market research company : presentation and history

IntoTheMinds is a market research company based in Paris and Brussels. We conduct B2C and B2B studies across Europe and count among our clients small businesses, SMEs, and large corporations. Our company conducts market research in all sectors of activity. For nearly 20 years, we have accumulated extensive industry expertise, allowing us to intervene in many contexts (see some examples here and testimonials below).

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Our market research services in brief

  • Methods used : qualitative research (interviews, focus groups), quantitative techniques (CAWI, CATI), massive data analysis (Big Data)
  • Territories covered : Europe and Americas for B2B; worldwide for B2C
  • Budget : starting from 5000€ excluding VAT
  • Duration of the study : from a few days for quantitative studies to several months for studies combining multiple approaches
  • Quotes : within 48 hours (immediate approximate budget by contacting us by phone)
  • Subsidies possible in Belgium up to 60%

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab in his offices

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab in the IntoTheMinds offices

History of IntoTheMinds

The market research company IntoTheMinds was founded in 2005 by Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab. An engineer with an MBA in strategy and a doctorate in marketing dedicated to customer satisfaction, he is internationally recognized and brings rigor and method to all the studies conducted by the company. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab is also a research associate at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

The studies are supervised by Kevin Hernould, Director of Research, who joined IntoTheMinds after an early career at PWC. A specialist in market research for nearly 10 years, he also teaches qualitative and quantitative techniques at the University of Poitiers (France). Kevin Hernould ensures the reliability of the results delivered.

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Our market research services

We master both qualitative approaches (individual interviews, focus groups, etc.) and quantitative approaches (B2C surveys, B2B surveys, Big Data analysis). We thus meet a wide range of needs:

As a continuation of our market research, we also offer inbound marketing services to increase your online visibility and thus facilitate your commercial prospecting (leads generation).

All projects are carried out in-house by a highly qualified team. Client satisfaction is our priority. Below you will find testimonials related to different types of market studies.

market research company: Beatrice Böhm

Beatrice Böhm, Marketing & Communication Manager, Reverse.

“IntoTheMinds conducted several missions for Reverse. After a qualitative study on the French market, they then carried out two quantitative B2B studies on HR practices of French companies. The IntoTheMinds team was of great help and provided the results and recommendations quickly and for a very competitive budget.

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with IntoTheMinds and highly recommend their services”.

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Why Use Our Market Research Company?

Our firm is an ideal partner for the following reasons:

  • Rigor and pragmatism: IntoTheMinds is known for the rigor of its analyses and the down-to-earth nature of its recommendations. We are also entrepreneurs and understand better than anyone the expectations and constraints of businesses. Our advice and recommendations are therefore actionable and perfectly realistic.
  • Sector expertise: nearly 20 years of existence have allowed our company to carry out studies in all possible and imaginable sectors. From machine tool rental to e-commerce, through retail, waste management, energy, or banking, we will always have references to offer you in your sector of activity.
  • Cost control: our cost structure is light and our budgets are therefore very controlled. We generally offer modular quotes that allow you to combine options and choose the ones that suit you best.
  • Respect for deadlines: our quotes all include a realistic estimate of the completion times. We have excellent response time management for surveys and can also finely assess the completion times of qualitative studies. As you can read in the testimonials below, our clients recognize this quality in us.

A Market Research Company that Adapts to Your Needs

IntoTheMinds is a market research company that is committed to adapting to your needs. Our hallmark is flexibility. Each project is unique and each methodological approach is tailored as closely as possible to:

  • your objectives
  • your schedule
  • your budget

Our proposals are tailor-made to offer you the best compromise. Our quotes explain in detail the chosen options, the proposed methodology, and all the stages of the market research. As a general rule, we will contact you within 60 minutes and provide you with a detailed quote within 48 hours.

Market research company: testimony Julien Puel

Julien PUEL, SIG Manager, CCI Nice Côte d’Azur

“IntoTheMinds has accompanied the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d’Azur in the context of a European project. The team was perfectly able to adapt given the difficulties encountered (health crisis, climatic events that affected the study area) in addition to those inherent to a cross-border project of such magnitude.

Thank you again for your work, your adaptation, and your contributions to successfully carry out our project.”

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The IntoTheMinds team consists of 10 highly specialized consultants capable of tackling the most complex market studies. Our collaborators are multilingual to offer you an approach as close as possible to the markets you wish to operate in. In addition to French and English, we work in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch.

The team is particularly proud to be able to use cutting-edge market research methodologies. In addition to classic qualitative and quantitative research methods, we have in-house talent to handle complex Big Data analyses (data mining, behavioral modeling through structural equations) that enrich customer knowledge.

Market research company: testimony from Christophe Hureaux, Administrator of Maison Wittamer in Brussels

Christophe Hureaux, Managing Director, Wittamer et Co. SA

“In acquiring an iconic pastry brand, I was keen to reinvigorate the offer and expand the sales network. It seemed essential to me to have a detailed analysis before undertaking the strategic investments essential to this redeployment. IntoTheMinds listened to my needs and responded pertinently to my questions especially regarding the brand, its competitive positioning, and more broadly about buying motivations. The qualitative and quantitative studies conducted by IntoTheMinds have become our reference guides. Moreover, the team respected deadlines. I therefore highly recommend IntoTheMinds for the quality of their market research, the relevance of their marketing advice, and the rigor of their methodology within controlled prices and deadlines.”

Studies Conducted 100% Internally

Aside from mystery shopping surveys for which we rely on a network of external investigators that we coordinate, all market research projects are entirely conducted in-house. To control the quality of our market research, we do not outsource any part of it.

Recruitment of respondents is also not outsourced. Whether for qualitative or quantitative phases (online surveys), we can rely on a vast B2C and B2B panel to find even the rarest profiles. As an example, here are some studies that we have successfully completed:

  • study of the needs of private bank clients in Luxembourg
  • use of neo-banks by SMEs and micro-businesses in France and Belgium
  • studies on the payment habits of high-income households (>€350,000/year)
  • expectations of French companies in terms of recruiting rare profiles

From the beginning of the study to its delivery, your contact person will remain the same.

Market research company: testimony from Marie-Lucie Gibour

Marie-Lucie Gibour, Product Manager, Hollister France

“We are very satisfied with our collaboration with IntoTheMinds on discovering a new target.

IntoTheMinds has been very efficient in implementing the study and provided us with a detailed report and an in-depth analysis of the existing situation. The recommendations on the study methodology were very relevant, and the interview participants greatly appreciated the format and content of the discussions.”

Methodologies Used by Our Market Research Company

Our market research company uses a wide range of techniques and tools to meet the most complex requests.

Quantitative Techniques

We have invested since 2008 in our own respondent panel to conduct B2B and B2C surveys. We have a particularly large panel in Europe and can provide you with representative samples of all European populations.

For B2B surveys, we are generally able to offer you samples of several hundred respondents whatever the profile of your commercial targets.

All our surveys are conducted with the utmost respect for GDPR. We have also set up a specific software architecture to meet the challenges posed by the Cloud Act. Our software is installed on French servers provided by a French company (OVH). To learn more about the Cloud Act and GDPR, watch the video below that we made with Mr. Tassi, a lawyer specialized in intellectual property.

Qualitative Techniques

Our company frequently uses qualitative techniques to deeply understand customer needs. We choose the appropriate qualitative techniques depending on the contexts. For example, we make a very clear distinction between focus groups and individual qualitative interviews and avoid methodological errors at all costs (for more information, see our comparison of the two approaches).

market research company: testimony from Mathias Fiore

Matthias Fiore, Project Development Officer, CCI Nice Côte d’Azur

“IntoTheMinds understood the objectives of the service requested by facilitating the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the work carried out by the European partnership analyzed. The qualitative survey conducted by the team allowed evaluating the developed synergies by identifying future improvement margins. The smooth communication, as well as the flexibility and unity of purpose in achieving the obtained results, enabled sharing quality outcomes in line with the expectations of the involved European partners.”

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Examples of Market Research Conducted by Our Company

The examples we provide below are real. These are market research studies that we have conducted in the last 12 months and that allow us to illustrate the range of our services and methodological skills. These are just a small sample. All requests are welcome.

Market Research in B2B

About 65% of the market research we conduct concerns companies active in B2B. These projects result in recommendations. The most common requests in B2B are:

reverse logoStudy of an export market : Preliminary study before marketing in a new geographical area. We can notably use our B2B panel to quickly gather information about the target market’s interest. For the Reverse company, based in Bologna, we thus studied the expectations of HR managers in France before the creation of their subsidiary. Part of the results were made public and are available on the client’s website.

renewi logoAwareness Study : Awareness is an indicator that obsesses, rightly so, many companies. It is an indirect measure of your marketing efforts. Many clients come to us for B2B awareness studies. One of our most complex projects was carried out for Renewi (waste treatment) with 1000 B2B respondents from 3 different segments.

psi logoSatisfaction Study : in B2B, satisfaction studies are generally smaller in scale than in B2C. However, the results are still crucial. One of our most complex projects in this area was carried out for PSI (Germany). We measured customer satisfaction and employee client orientation in 10 countries simultaneously.

oxfam logoPricing Study : Pricing is an important factor in B2C purchasing decisions. Almost all the quantitative studies we conduct include a pricing component. For the Oxfam company, we analyzed the pricing for a new line of B2B products.

Market Research in B2C

About 35% of our market research is conducted for clients active in B2C. Here are some examples of studies carried out by our company in recent months.

weldom logoCustomer Satisfaction Study : Customer satisfaction is at the heart of IntoTheMinds’ creation. A large number of projects are therefore devoted to it each year. Besides classic measurement projects, we also conduct audits of processes related to customer satisfaction. The company Weldom (Auchan group) commissioned us to audit its processes, systems, and assess the quality of the collected data.

chrysal logoPrice Study : There are several approaches to pricing studies. For the company Chrysal (Netherlands), we conducted a pricing study in Germany. This study was an opportunity for us to use image manipulation techniques to evaluate price perception based on the visual rendering of the product.

Study of Needs : Understanding the needs of current or future clients is the very foundation of a market research study. This component is therefore found in all the projects we undertake.

sporting charleroi logoAwareness Study : In B2C, awareness is measured with large samples representative of your target clientele. Our B2C panels are well suited to this type of exercise. For example, we measured the awareness of a first division football club based on the location of respondents.


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