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World Packaging Organisation: our eye on the Awards

By Lorène Fauvelle PhD in marketing, director of IntoTheMinds
The well-known World Packaging Organisation (WPO) will announce the winners of the World-Star Packaging Awards 2019 next month, on the 15th of May. Considering the role of packaging on purchase decisions, we have chosen some of the finalists and analysed […]

The well-known World Packaging Organisation (WPO) will announce the winners of the World-Star Packaging Awards 2019 next month, on the 15th of May. Considering the role of packaging on purchase decisions, we have chosen some of the finalists and analysed their packaging for you.

Country Designer / Manufacturer Product Originality Packaging trend
1. Finland Jospak Oy Food trays 100% recyclable and customisable Eco-friendly
2. South Korea Crown Confectionery Co., Ltd. Potato waffles Opening system feels like peeling a potato Customer experience, DIY (Do It Yourself) and a reusable packaging
3. Italy Smilesys’ SPA Mozzarella balls Strain  system integrated into the packaging User-friendly
4. South Korea LG Household & Health Care, Ltd. Cream container Customisable and reusable Handy and reusable
5. Switzerland GSK Consumer Health & Neopac & Nypro Cream applicator No need to touch the cream with your hands User-friendly
6. Australia Caps and Closures Bottle caps Dispenser manages the liquid flow User-friendly
7. Japan Kyodoshiko Co., Ltd. Flower in ‘pot’ The packaging becomes the pot User-friendly and eco-friendly
8. Spain Careli 2007 S.L. Detergents 100% biodegradable (product and packaging) Eco-friendly and user-friendly
9. Germany Maik Bermeitinger – manufactured by Richard Bretschneider GmbH Magnetic Levitation Box The way the gift appears in the box Customer experience – ‘Wow’ effect
10. Japan GC Corporation Dental adhesive bottle One-hand opening User-friendly
11. Turkey ASAS Ambalaj Baski Sanayi Ve Tic AS Nuts and seeds Small pocket inside the packaging for shells User-friendly and eco-friendly
12. Sweden DS Smith Transportation Reversible sending packaging User-friendly and eco-friendly
13. China Shenzhen Baixinglong Creative Packaging Co. Ltd Beverages Product and packaging transformation DIY (Do It Yourself)

1 – Jospak Oy’s Tray keeps the food fresh while being 100% recyclable and customisable. This packaging combines marketing possibilities for food companies and eco-friendly behaviour which is becoming a massive concern for both customers and companies.

2 – Crown’s packaging opening creates a unique atmosphere for the customer right from the beginning. Crown’s potato waffles are packaged in a box that customers can open as if they were peeling a potato. The packaging enables customers to imagine what the product will be like even before seeing it. The first step is that they see a potato waffle on the packaging, second step they open the box as if they were peeling a potato, after peeling the potato, and with no preparation, the waffle is ready to eat. The last step that customers can choose to play with is the reuse of the packaging, changing it into a pen holder for instance. The two main advantages of creating a reusable packaging are that customers will remember the product each time they reuse the packaging for any other purpose but also integrates the brand and the customer in an eco-friendly selling and buying behaviour.

3 – Imagine you are having a picnic lunch, you have brought mozzarella balls, but of course, you didn’t bring any strainer. Smilesys’ SPA resolves this critical situation by bringing to the market a packaging that includes holes to strain the liquid. At the same time, the packaging use 30% less plastic than usual mozzarella balls packaging and is also smaller which enables the product and packaging to be user-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.

4 – This packaging has been created to simplify cream application on faces and bodies. Customers can put any cream in the container. The packaging then distributes the cream uniformly and enable customers to spread the cream directly from the container to their skin. A convenient solution for all of those who don’t like to have cream all over their hands.

5 – GSK’s Voltaren « No mess » applicator goes in the same direction but in the pharmaceutical and medical sector and enables customers to apply the cream without touching it and without overdosing it. A practical approach to pain relief creams which also massages the painful area with the roll-on system.

6 – Caps and Closures’ Precise pour, enhances user experience with caps that give the user the possibility to regulate liquid flow and adapt it to their usage.

7 – Kyodoshiko’s Flower Vase Bag combines both flower and seeds easy transportation and flower growth. This user-friendly packaging enables customers to use the bag as a vase that they can adjust by cutting the edges. The bag/vase is made of craft paper, well-sealed and customisable which provides customers with a tailor-made product for their household’s decoration.

8 – Careli’s packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. With such packaging, the reflexion goes a step further regarding eco-friendly purchasing behaviour. Indeed, Careli doesn’t only offer biodegradable and compostable detergents, they also think about the packaging in the same way as they do for their products, enabling customers to reuse and recycle any item they buy from Careli without having to think twice about whether they can do it or not, and how.

9 – The Magnetic Levitation Box has been created to surprise customers opening their gift by seeing the smaller box which contains the gift coming out of the original box. The playful system is meant to give the customer a single experience when they purchase or receive a gift.

10 – This dental adhesive container has been created to be opened with one hand. We all have seen dentists having several medical items to use at the same time. But like everyone, dentists only have two hands. This handy packaging is easier to use than what has been manufactured before.

11 – The so-called « PocketLam » has been created to store nuts shells after peeling. No need to think about where to put the shells after eating the nuts, this eco-friendly but also user-friendly packaging includes a smaller pocket in the packaging to put the shells.

12 – DS Smith’s 2 Way offers a new way to send and return products purchased online. This packaging is reversible and so enables companies to send their products to their customers and customers to send the product back easily by turning the packaging inside out. The company’s name and address are on the inside of the box when the customer opens the package. By turning it inside out, the company’s name and address are on the outside of the box, and this helps the customer to send the product back much more easily.

13 – This packaging offers customers the opportunity to reuse the product – in this context the bottle – and its packaging. There are a lot of DIY websites showing how to turn a bottle into a lamp. This manufacturer helps customers to do it by adding LDE technology to the bottle. After having drunk the beverage, the containers and packaging are made to be reused as a lamp; a playful way to be eco-friendly and to enhance the customer experience with the brand.

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