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Thierry Mugler popup store creates sensory customer experience

Thierry Mugler opened à popup store for a very short period of time to promote his new perfume #HateToLove. This ephemeral retail space was located 14 rue de Turenne in Paris.
Despite the limited space available, Mugler managed to create an interesting sensory customer experience, one that differentiates from what other popup stores propose (having a differentiation strategy, even for popup stores, has become pivotal for marketers)
Next to some trendy “tools” that are now widespread in all popup stores (instagram counters, tablets to enter an online contest, animated gif booth, …) Mugler’s popup store key asset was a sensory experience. Rather than getting technical explanations on what comes into the composition of the new fragrance, the visitor is taken into a little journey through the sensations and memories evoked by three key components of the perfume. The first component (“explosion attractive”) evokes the freshness of citrus. The second, placed under a glass bell, should remind us of the nostalgic smells of a candy box. The third one (“explosion magnétique”), probably the most powerful, is a vétiver-based cream.
The combination of these three sensations is deemed to represent the complexity of #HateToLove

Advice for your marketing strategy

Launching a popup shop may sound like an easy task. It’s not. Next to the logistical challenges (finding the right spot, doing your market research to ensure the location corresponds to your target segment, creating the decor, …) you must realize that even popup stores have to offer a differentiated customer experience. The mere presence of the store is not enough anymore to attract the attention. You must have some key value proposition that will make the customer stick to your brand and come back. It’s also essential to design the experience such that you collect data on your customer to get back in touch with him/her. Look for instance at what Armani did for its popup store.

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