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[Podcast] Promises and challenges of artificial intelligence with Ségolène Martin

In this week’s Podcast, we welcome Ségolène Martin, the CEO of Kantify, a company specialising in artificial intelligence, based in Brussels.

Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly been one of the most popular subjects in recent months, but in this Podcast, we will try to go beyond the clichés. We will, therefore, focus on the real added value of artificial intelligence in companies, but also on the difficulties that the launch of such a project represents. In particular, we will discuss the usefulness of such projects in SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and the specific difficulties they represent.

Part of the programme will also be devoted to the project carried out by Kantify with the Université Libre de Bruxelles on atrial fibrillation, the world’s second-leading heart disease. Together with Ségolène Martin, we will review the genesis of this pioneering project and discover that, as is often the case, it is from an encounter that everything was born. A beautiful, compassionate story that will remind us that innovation is often the result of persevering individuals and chance events.

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Segolene Martin, CEO Kantify

Segolene Martin, the CEO of Kantify, who was our guest for this episode of our podcast.

Use of artificial intelligence in companies: some concrete examples

Of course, there are the Boston Dynamics robots that amazed everyone who saw them, whether in person (the lucky ones!) or on video (see below). But artificial intelligence is not just about robots. Artificial intelligence is above all the algorithms that have invaded our daily lives. There are facial recognition algorithms to unlock your latest smartphone, recommendation algorithms to suggest the next movie to watch, algorithms that transform speech into text to create subtitles for your videos, and so on. And then there are also less well-known applications, such as algorithms that create works of art (music, painting, poetry, and so forth). In an increasingly digitised world, artificial intelligence supports us and allows us to take advantage of all the new opportunities that are available to us.





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