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Interview of Robert Thiemann on the Frame pop-up shop

BestPopUpStores  : can you present us your company ?

Robert Thiemann : Frame Publishers is a multi-platform media company specializing in high-end publications for a global audience of creative professionals. Most well-known are our magazines: Frame (on design and interiors), Mark (on architecture) and Elephant (on art). Readers in 72 countries follow our magazines, digital platforms and specialized books, which cover design, architecture, art, fashion and interiors. New retail and event initiatives – the Frame store in Amsterdam and the event Ninety Minutes of Frame – have greatly enriched the galaxy that is Frame Publishers. Frame Publishers now works across three core channels: print, digital and physical.

BestPopUpStores : What are the reasons behind launching this pop-up store? What is the role of the pop-up store within the marketing strategy of the company ? Which goals are you trying to achieve?

RT: The reasons for launching our pop-up store in Amsterdam are threefold. First of all it’s an opportunity to raise awareness, get publicity and strengthen the Frame brand. Secondly the store enables us to offer clients a new service: a ‘3D advertisement’, as opposed to the 2D ad they normally get in print or digitally. And last but not least the store acts a retail outlet in which we can sell our own products, but also the products we think fit our magazine.

BestPopUpStores : How was the conception and the realization of the pop-up store carried out ? Were you helped in this process or was everything done internally ? How did you decide on the duration and localization of the pop-up store ?

RT: We commissioned interior designers i29 to design the store. Everything else, from cash software to hiring staff and buying stock was done internally. Prior to the current pop-up store we have gained experience with another pop-up store, that lasted 5.5 months. The new pop-up shop will probably exist until June 2015 and maybe until 1 January 2016, depending on its success.

BestPopUpStores : According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a pop-up store ? Are you satisfied with the results achieved (or being achieved) and which conclusions do you draw of this initiative ?

RT : The biggest advantage is to be able to experiment and gain experience. The big drawback is that each new initiative, and especially each new shop, needs time to get known and visited. A pop-up store often has too short a lifespan to get really well-known, unless its location is prime.

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