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France’s best craftsman does everything to ensure customer satisfaction [video]

In this 19th (and last) episode of “The Business World with Pierre-Raffaele“, our star presenter goes to meet Philippe Rhéau, Best Craftsman of France (MOF).

Philippe Rhéau is a craftsman with a passion for products, respect for taste but also a tireless pursuit of customer satisfaction. In this episode, after overcoming the stress of the camera, Philippe reveals himself as a professional who has at heart to enhance the products. He also tells us about his journey as an entrepreneur and the transition he has made from employee to boss.

After the effort, comfort. The video ended with a tasting … but, we didn’t record it.

If you want to know more about Philippe Rhéau, we invite you to listen to the podcast we made with him. He goes into more detail about his career path as well as the way he listens to customers and his little secrets to ensure customer loyalty.

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