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5 social media campaign ideas to engage your audience!

By Pierre-Nicolas Schwab PhD in marketing, director of IntoTheMinds
In this article, we return to the best practices for a campaign on social networks. Here is how Airbnb, Coca-Cola, or Mastercard became masters of digital communication! After summarizing the most important statistics, we will present 5 good ideas for social […]

In this article, we return to the best practices for a campaign on social networks. Here is how Airbnb, Coca-Cola, or Mastercard became masters of digital communication! After summarizing the most important statistics, we will present 5 good ideas for social network campaigns.

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Social network campaigns: 7 key figures

  • In 2022, ad spending on social networks reached $230 billion. They are expected to increase by 30% by 2024, reaching $300 billion.
  • Traditional retailers and e-commerce are banking on social network campaigns. 15%of companies in the sector will increase their digital budget in 2023. The metaverse and influencer marketing sectors are also seeing things in a big way: their budget will be up 10% this year.
  • 77% of B2B and B2C experts use retargeting to perfect their Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies.
  • By 2022, the global market for social media advertising will be around $137 billion. This is the first time this amount has exceeded the global paid search.

5 ideas for social media campaigns

Now let’s get to the heart of this article. Here are 5 outstanding examples of digital campaigns. These excellent social media campaign ideas include some big names:

  • Airbnb
  • Coca-Cola
  • Bell
  • Domino’s
  • Mastercard

campagne réseaux sociaux 1

Airbnb, a proven example of social media campaigning

Increasingly leading brands worldwide are becoming involved in societal issues, and Airbnb stands out from the crowd. Indeed, the company is being noticed for its good ideas for campaigns on social networks. Its digital marketing generates a strong commitment from its community. As an example, here is the case of their “We Accept” campaign.

This campaign was launched in a particular political context in the United States. For cause, former president Donald Trump then banned entry to the territory to immigrants from many Muslim countries. The online hosting company has openly taen a stand against this policy. That’s when the “We Accept” campaign was published.

But that’s not all. To be qualified as viral marketing, this campaign idea is unique in its distribution. Indeed, the Super Bowl halftime ad space hosted this ad campaign. The hashtag accompanying the broadcast will go viral on social networks! Below is the YouTube video of this commercial: an example of a campaign on social networks.

campagne réseaux sociaux 2


The “Share a Coke with…” campaign was a huge success worldwide. The idea was to personalize the drink by using the names of the people around you. The concept was brilliant, and the product was embraced by customers worldwide. Meanwhile, thanks to the campaign’s hashtag, the American company enjoyed an unprecedented buzz on social media. Hundreds of images emerged of Coca-Cola drinkers singing the brand’s slogan.

Particularly adapted to the viral character of social networks, the original video campaign is to be found below.

campagne réseaux sociaux 3

Bell – Let’s talk

Direction Canada for another good example of a campaign on social networks. Bell Canada innovates on the network field on Canadian soil with its #LetsTalk campaign. Here, the brand’s hobbyhorse is another societal subject: mental health.

Why stop at this example? Because its reach is phenomenal: the brand used social proof to achieve its goals. Indeed, it called upon well-known celebrities and influencers on digital channels to spread its message. Thanks to the hashtag #LetsTalk, the Canadian company made several donations to charities fighting against mental health problems. As for the previous ideas, we propose you watch one of the campaign’s videos below!

#LetsTalk raises awareness about mental illness stereotypes: the campaign positively impacts society.

Domino’s AnyWare

Then, Domino’s brand stands out once again for its bold marketing choices. Indeed, after its special operations of relational marketing, the pizzeria is also an example of campaigning on social networks. In this case, we are referring to Domino’s Anyware campaign. This one aimed at simplifying the act of buying a pizza. Thus, the brand opted for a strong positioning in terms of customer experience: a brand that simplifies the life of its customers!

To do this, Domino’s allows its customers to order via social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Slack). By doing so, the company also increases its brand awareness and asserts its presence on digital channels. Moreover, it also proves that more than content marketing is needed to perfect its campaigns on social networks. Indeed, it is also necessary to focus on the brand image, the customer experience, and the viral character of its marketing initiatives!

Improving your brand image also involves the use of communication channels! This is a key aspect of digital marketing strategies.


Let’s put things in context. Finally, let’s take a look at Mastercard. This major player in payment systems is one of the biggest partners of Major League Baseball (MLB). We want to discuss the campaign with the Chicago Cubs franchise. We are talking about a team that has not reached the World Series (i.e., the grand finale of American baseball) in almost 70 years! So Mastercard played on the event’s rarity, combining its famous “it’s priceless” line with the world of American baseball. This is how the “Sound of Priceless” campaign was born!

In concrete terms, Mastercard placed sound meters in a large sports arena to measure the noise of Chicago Cubs fans. In doing so, it is partnering with a very passionate fan community. This is a golden opportunity to promote its activity on social networks by surfing the virality of such a sports event! For the record, the Cubs will win this edition of the World Series. Mastercard has taken this opportunity to create a new poignant video to pay tribute to the franchise’s journey. The brand then uses digital marketing for its propensity to generate virality and increase its awareness online a little more.

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