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Marketing, customer satisfaction and loyalty
Satisfied customers will follow you everywhere

The next hand-written you’ll get may have been produced by those robots

Is there anything better for customer satisfaction than getting a personal hand-written note? The pleasure of getting one will soon fade away once the secret to thousands of mass produced hand-written notes gets revealed.

Why do personal hand-written notes so much drive customer satisfaction ?

Every customer wants to be different. Who would like to be treated like everyone else?
Getting a hand-written from a company leverages the feeling that you are different. Who else would ever deserve to get a personal, hand-written note from a manager, an employee or a director. The process of writing is manual, takes time, hence costs money and is precious. Like you.
When a customer gets a hand written note he feels special because the company took time to address him, invested in its relationship with him.
This feeling of “being special compared to the crowd” is at the heart of the customer satisfaction creation process.

How to produce thousands of hand written letters ?

At NRF 2018, the largest retail show in the US, a small company called Bond Inc. presented their technology that imitates human hand writing to produce hand-written notes by millions. They had recently moved in a new production facility to face increasing demand and are a one-stop-shop when it comes to end apology, welcome, thank you … notes that will help your customer retention process.

What’s the technology behind ?

In the video below you’ll find about the delicate mix of algorithms and robotisation needed to produce those notes.
The hand writing is scanned, turned into a “font” that can be used to replicate hand-written notes. Rather than using a printing process (which everyone would easily recognize as a fake hand writing) bonds has robotised the hand writing process.

Will hand written notes still have an effect on customer satisfaction ?

As long as this technology remains marginal hand written notes will still have a positive effect on customer satisfaction. If customers come to know about the existence of this technology, they will be more suspicious and may feel fooled.
The price of sending those hand written notes makes it however pretty unlikely that it will become a mass practice. It will anyway be reserved to those companies that pay already the most attention to customer satisfaction and which have identified personalized hand written note as a way to increase it.
For all those reasons we feel safe to say that customers won’t experience soon mass mailings of hand written notes.

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Pierre-Nicolas est Docteur en Marketing et dirige l'agence d'études de marché IntoTheMinds. Ses domaines de prédilection sont le BigData l'e-commerce, le commerce de proximité, l'HoReCa et la logistique. Il est également chercheur en marketing à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles et sert de coach et formateur à plusieurs organisations et institutions publiques. Il peut être contacté par email, Linkedin ou par téléphone (+32 486 42 79 42)

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