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Augmented reality: the example of Ditar, an innovative player in the eyewear industry

By Pierre-Nicolas Schwab PhD in marketing, director of IntoTheMinds
Let us introduce you to Ditar: a revolutionary player in the eyewear industry. This brand proposes highly realistic 3D frame models and a unique consumer experience. Its optimal use of technology makes it an example of augmented reality in its sector! […]

Let us introduce you to Ditar: a revolutionary player in the eyewear industry. This brand proposes highly realistic 3D frame models and a unique consumer experience. Its optimal use of technology makes it an example of augmented reality in its sector! After reviewing the main statistics, we will see why Ditar’s B2B services are unprecedentedly effective.

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5 major statistics on the augmented reality market

  • By 2024, there will be 7 billionaugmented reality devices worldwide, 850% more than in 2015.
  • The global smart glasses market value will be $12.76 billionby 2030.
  • 70% of tech experts believe the augmented reality market will be stronger than the virtual reality market.
  • 61% of consumers prefer retailers proposing augmented reality to those who do not.

Ditar’s innovation: an example of augmented reality

Recently, our market research agency IntoTheMinds and Ditar worked together to conduct a comprehensive market research study. Through this in-depth work, we reflected on the following strategic areas:


réalité augmentée exemple Ditar

Let us introduce you to Ditar in a few words. This player in the eyewear industry is transforming the user experience for eyeglass wearers. It reshuffles the cards of the customer experience thanks to unparalleled cutting-edge technology! Here are its different objectives:

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. Personalizethe choice of frames and lenses for end-buyers
  3. Help B2B customers improve their conversion rate with unique technology
  4. Redefine the brand imageof eyewear designers

In augmented reality, Ditar’s example is a model of innovation. The brand works tirelessly to improve the customer experience.

Ditar: 4 top B2B services

Ditar proposes both custom services and turnkey solutions for its B2B customers. Let’s focus today on the custom solutions of this innovative eyewear player. On the menu today, we propose the following:

  • Virtual eyewear fitting
  • 3Danimation
  • Mobile application development
  • Augmented realitysolutions

réalité augmentée exemple B2B 1

Virtual eyewear fitting

In the future, we will all try on our glasses on screens! The “virtual try-on” pushes consumers to test their future frames thanks to digital solutions. This is the customer experience of the future for the optical industry.

Ditar is entering this innovative market by proposing web-based solutions to its customers. The technology is impressively precise and fast. In addition, its solutions make eyewear fitting more real than real! Finally, the personalization of the choice of frames becomes almost infinite. In doing so, Ditar is taking customer satisfaction to new levels.

Ditar’s digital solutions break the boundary between the virtual and the real.

3D Animation

Then, Ditar is a specialist in 3D animation solutions. For this reason, the brand collaborates with highly qualified designers who can produce precise models. As a result, the company can create more immersive experiences than ever before.

Nevertheless, there are many players in this market segment. How do you stand out from the crowd? Ditar has the answer:

  • Simplifythe creation of these digital frames as much as possible.
  • Create the 3D object from scratchwithout relying on real photos, as many do.

Thanks to this differentiator, the 3D Animation becomes more fluid without impacting the quality of the visuals.

Mobile application development

Then, Ditar’s expertise is wider than the field of optics. Indeed, the brand sees further and even proposes mobile application development services. To do so, this company quickly provides all the necessary tools to its customers to help them achieve their business goals. Thus, Ditar is not only an innovative player in its sector but also a structure working hand in hand with its collaborators.

Ultimately, these mobile solutions aim to increase the awareness of their beneficiaries. Moreover, the objective remains to convert more prospects into customers and stimulate user engagement. For this, Ditar’s customers can count on the following:

  • interactivity,
  • personalization,
  • but also, the practicalityof these digital solutions.

Ditar aims for perfection. Its mobile applications are as ergonomic as they are innovative.

Augmented reality solutions

Finally, how can we conclude this article without mentioning the example of augmented reality made in Ditar? The company wants to transform the user experience from a simple eyewear fitting to a real immersion in the latest technology. It is the main added value of the consumer experience that the brand proposes. For this reason, its latest category of customized services concerns augmented reality solutions.

Like Ditar’s other digital solutions, these augmented reality applications are intended to be as interactive as they are fast. Moreover, this can be felt in the various application tests (which we could test for ourselves): these are the most effective solutions on the market!

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