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Market research at SIAL Paris 2018. Trend #4: Clean Food

The trend in the food market that we have called “clean food” includes various directions ranging from healthy snacking (see on this subject Eat Real products), vegetable alternatives such as those proposed by Pedon, the expansion of organic food that manufacturers can now no longer ignore.

The innovations presented at SIAL generally follow several trends (the examples mentioned above bear witness to this since we have mentioned them in the articles we have devoted to other patterns in the food market: superfoods, easy snacking, vegetarian alternatives, sensational foods).

In the rest of this article, we illustrate the trend of “clean food” with 3 products that we have not treated elsewhere: the Natchup of the Brazilian company Fruta, the global concept of the Italian firm Rolli, and the vintage chocolates of the Belgian startup Millesime.


Natchup is our favourite product of SIAL 2018. A healthy substitute for ketchup presented by brazilian company Fruta. Here there is no added sugar but 100% natural ingredients: beetroot, pumpkin, spices and acerola to guarantee a high supply of vitamin C.

The development of Natchup involved two universities (in Portugal and Brazil) for 2 years, and the result has convinced us. It’s good, well spiced up and the negative ulterior motives that invade you when you eat ketchup disappear instantly.

Natchup may only be a step towards the development of a more complete product line. There are so many products for which healthy alternatives are expected (even mayonnaise).

The Fruta team whose booth was located in the Brazilian pavillion

Ana Patricia Diógenes, the founder of Fruta

Natchup, certainly one of our favorite innovative products at SIAL Paris 2018


Rolli has taken the concept of clean food to the next level by combining an excellent product with innovative packaging. Its frozen vegetables come from an eco-responsible sector and are guaranteed free of pesticide residues. Rolli also claims agricultural practices with a low environmental impact on air, land and water. To top it all off, the frozen vegetables are packaged in a biodegradable paper bag (with a polymer film inside to protect the paper from moisture). We are therefore dealing with a global concept. This was not lost on the SIAL Innovation jury, which awarded them the Silver medal for Innovation.


Finally, we invite you to discover Millesime, a Belgian start-up launched a year ago whose speciality is to offer “vintage” chocolates. Although the cocoa beans come from all over the world, they are never mixed in the final product (which is not unlike the recipe that made Pierre Marcolini so successful). On the same principle as Jean-Christophe Hubert wines, its founder, proposes to produce vintage chocolates and each production has its own characteristics which the manufacturing process promises to reveal.

Present in 35 outlets in Belgium, Millésime’s products are also available in 10 different countries, after only 1 year. Already cramped in their workshop in Liège, a move is necessary to achieve the objectives of quadrupling production. A beautiful story that proves that an ‘excellent’ product can impose itself on the market; all the more beautiful because Jean-Christophe has succeeded in his re-skilling. It was in the art world that this native of Liege had made a career as the curator and guardian of the Picasso collection in Bruges.

Jean-Christophe Hubert, the founder of Millesime

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