word-of-mouth en customer satisfaction

Negative word-of-mouth can kill your business.

We provide solutions to generate positive word-of-mouth

A dissatisfied customer can ruin all your efforts. Twenty years of marketing research have made it possible to clarify the mechanisms leading to the spread of positive word-of-mouth. Without customer satisfaction, there is no salvation, and below 70% satisfaction rate the sustainability of your business is put at risk. Positive word of mouth is particularly important in B2C and in sectors such as restaurants, travel and hotels.

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Why rely on word-of-mouth?

word-of-mouthFor 34% of entrepreneurs, their chief marketing problem is the difficulty of making themselves known.

Rising advertising costs and the dominance of search engines in Internet advertising have driven up acquisition costs. Some of our clients have seen their advertising costs increase by 100% in 4 years.

A plethora of services has been developed to offer companies services aimed at improving their referencing. The methods used have become commonplace and have only led to higher standards for companies that have or plan to have an online presence. SEO services, therefore, no longer provide a competitive advantage to the companies that subscribe to them.

Word of mouth and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our expertise and our reason for existing. We specialise in development and implementation:

  • tools to measure customer satisfaction and the spread of word of mouth
  • strategies for recovering dissatisfied customers and limiting negative word of mouth

Word of mouth is directly linked to customer satisfaction. It is therefore often necessary to measure the latter to take stock of the situation and find the right strategies to implement.

Our solutions

In addition to measuring customer satisfaction and word of mouth (via an indicator such as the NPS or Net Promoter Score), IntoTheMinds offers its customers a whole strategy to generate positive feedback that supports the company’s growth:

  • Setting up strategic alliances with reference partners to refer your company and attract customers to it
  • Mobilisation of customers around a participative marketing program generating positive word of mouth
  • Solving customer complaints to stop negative feedback