Improve customer satisfaction and increase your profits

Are you sure that this client is satisfied?

IntoTheMinds has developed particular expertise in customer satisfaction and loyalty. We operate throughout Europe from our offices in Belgium and France.

IntoTheMinds invented the concept of Total Satisfaction Management ® and ensures that its clients have full control over all aspects of customer satisfaction. We are mainly involved in setting up your customer satisfaction surveys, and we are specialised in measuring customer satisfaction in B2B markets.

Why invest in customer satisfaction?

No company would dare to say that customer satisfaction is not its top priority. It is the basis for the success of any company, whatever its sector of activity. By implementing methods that ensure customer satisfaction, you have a direct influence on customer loyalty and profits. Customer satisfaction also influences word of mouth. Do you know a better way to attract new customers?

And how do you measure your customers’ satisfaction? Does the customer experience you offer meet their expectations? Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask yourself the right questions and take action.

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Our approach to customer satisfaction

Our rigorous approach ensures that the results we deliver are relevant. For example, each satisfaction survey is pre-tested to ensure the statistical representativeness of the results collected.

We systematically conduct qualitative research to understand the factors that influence customer satisfaction. Consult the project description carried out for the Swiss company Edigroup to judge our methodology.

IntoTheMinds assists all companies (from the smallest to the largest) in defining the criteria influencing customer satisfaction, measuring and collecting data, analysing it, and implementing measures to increase satisfaction and benefits. Also, SMEs can benefit from subsidies for our interventions.

Examples of recent projects

group of adults in a class roomTraining sector

  • A project carried out for a company serving 20,000 customers per year in France and Belgium
  • Research and definition of criteria influencing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Development and implementation of a data collection strategy in 13 sales outlets throughout France
  • Description of the specifications of a data analysis tool
  • Monitoring of results
  • Proposal and implementation of operational actions that increased satisfaction by 7 points

burger and french fries ; illustration for a market research in the HoReCa sector in BelgiumFast food

  • Project carried out for a company serving more than 1000 customers per day
  • Research and definition of criteria influencing the perception of service quality
  • Implementation of an online monitoring system for satisfaction indicators and feedback collection
  • Implementation and deployment in retail outlets