50% of startups die in 3 years. We want to change their destiny.

Marketing consulting for companies in difficulties

50% of startups die in 3 years. We want to change their destiny.

We want to leave a positive footprint. One way we ensure this is to devote our efforts to those who need it most: small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Besides the regular market research assignments, we are also proud to coach and accompany a dozen of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs each year in the realization of their project.

SMEs represent, at the European level, 99% of companies. Yet, SME’s mortality rate reaches 50% after 5 years and up to 90% after 7 years. SME’s high rate of failure is a real social-economic disaster and our ambition is to contribute meaningfully to the solution by using all the possibilities offered by modern marketing practices. That’s why we provide specific solutions for SME’s to accomodate their budget constraints.

A recent study shows that almost a third of the bankruptcies are due to a lack of alignment with the market (Crutzen, 2009). By pushing the marketing boundaries and by providing state-of-the-art market analysis at the belgian and european levelsIntoTheMinds allows SMEs to be crisis-resistant and to continue to play their role in the European socio-economic network. We helped one particular e-business survive the 2008-2009 economic crisis without issue, while at the same time increasing its market share and profits. In 2010 this company realized its best turnover since its creation in 2000.

Over the last 15 years, we have tailored a series of solutions for SMEs, not only in terms of methodology but also in terms of budget (our services are also approved for subsidies in Belgium). Our marketing approach is designed to be pragmatic and easily implemented in your company.