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The market research projects we carry out are particularly useful for companies wishing to launch a new product or service. Our unique combinations of different methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, big data) and our rigorous approach inspired by our founder, PhD in Marketing from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, will offer you a positive perspective on your market. Whether you are active in B2B or B2C, we have solutions to every problem.

We invite you to discover below 3 recently treated client cases that offer an overview of the market research techniques we can implement and the results obtained.

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Market research in Belgium, France and Spain for natural cosmetics, anti-pollution

Packagings for a market research of natural cosmetics

The different packagings were tested quantitatively during the market research

In 2019, we carried out market research for the launch of a natural, anti-pollution cosmetics brand on the Belgian, French and Spanish markets.

The market research was carried out in 2 phases. First of all, qualitative research (including a product test and a competition benchmark) was carried out to identify the most essential points to be statistically validated. Then quantitative research was carried out in Belgium, France and Spain to confirm consumers’ purchasing habits, pricing and packaging. Essential conclusions were drawn on the consumers’ preferred products, potential pricing, allowing the customer to refine his marketing strategy and in particular to progressively introduce the products in the different target countries.

Customer testimonial: Carolina and Diego Campoamor

Diego and Carolina Campoamor, clients of a market research on natural cosmetics

Diego and Carolina Campoamor

They appreciated the trusting relationship that was established with the IntoTheMinds team and immediately felt that they were listened to and understood in their project. They also highlight the follow-up of the project as well as the recommendations, resulting from the qualitative and quantitative phases, for the improvement of their marketing strategy.

The regular reports gave them a real overview of the project’s progress, and they particularly appreciated the contact they described as “trustworthy and human”.

Market research in France and Belgium for a luxury leather goods brand

Handbag by Rusee

Handbag by the Rusée brand

In 2017-2018, we carried out complex market research for the launch of a luxury leather goods brand with the particularity of using recycled leather. This research followed the 7-phase market research methodology that we have theorised on our website (available online here and also as a white paper on our resources page).

It began with a Design Thinking phase, the production of prototypes, then continued with a qualitative phase (conducted with experts and influencers) before ending with a quantitative survey in France and Belgium.

This study led to the launch of the Rusée brand, an acronym for “Re-Use”, symbolising the DNA of a brand that is rooted in upcycling.

Market research in Belgium for the launch of a brand of gin

A bottle of Bishop's ginWe have conducted market research in Belgium for the launch of a brand of Gin, Bishop’s Gin. Commissioned by Ponet Spirits, the brand’s creator, the research focused on understanding the dynamics of the market by conducting qualitative research with experts and profiling potential consumers using data from Facebook.

Bishop’s Gin is now available in various forms and is exported all over the world.

Image credits: Max and Florence, Rusee, Ponet Spirits