Inbound Marketing

IntoTheMinds is also an inbound marketing agency. We use our industry expertise to help our clients optimize their SEO and become more visible in search results.

The best proof that our inbound marketing strategy works? More than 500,000 unique visitors pass through our website. And 100% of our customers come via our website. We spend 0€ on advertising. We are probably the only agency that applies its own inbound marketing revenue.

Do you want to do the same in your field of activity? It’s possible, and we help you do it thanks to an SEO strategy based on quality content.

Our Inbound Marketing services at a glance

Our inbound marketing services are structured around the research and design of 3 types of content:

  • text : we write SEO-optimized articles on the themes we master.
  • audio : we create and animate B2B audio podcasts that we broadcast for you on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.
  • video : we create short video content in TV quality for YouTube and Vimeo with a unique and affordable remote process

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We propose to our clients the same recipe that has enabled us to attract an audience of 850,000 people: quality content in different formats to meet qualified requests (the so-called “long tail” strategy).

Why is a long-tail inbound marketing strategy needed?

There are 2 types of content strategies: the short-tail strategy and the long-tail strategy.

The short-tail strategy consists of focusing on generic keywords that generate large volumes of search. The problem is that these queries, even if they bring 96.7% of the search volume, are not very qualifying for a company. Among the Internet users who are behind these queries, very few will be leads. The short-tail strategy is therefore not ideal for generating leads.

The long-tail strategy corresponds to the design of online content intended for less frequent requests. As an Ahrefs research shows, 92% of the requests are long-tail.

Writing SEO-optimized web content

We only write articles about content that we master and that are in line with our blog‘s editorial line. The reports we write are optimized for search engines (SEO) and are between 1000 and 3000 words long. Analyses show that only content of more than 1500 words on average can make it to the first page of search engines.

Services : writing of technical and non-technical articles on subjects related to innovation, digitalization, and data, marketing, management

Languages : French, English, Dutch

Budget : from 250€

I want to improve my SEO with a content strategy

Hanne Kühl Hejgaard

Hanne Kühl Hejgaard is a Co-Founder and CCO at RENTAGA, a digital platform for renting construction machines. 

IntoTheMinds, did a very comprehensive and impressive audit of our platform and could quickly explain and illustrate some improvements we could do to optimize our SEO Strategy. What was important for us was talking to somebody that was fully updated on SEO and the latest trends to ensure good traffic to Rentaga.. Thanks to IntoTheMinds we could soon after see a significant increase in traffic and customers to our platform.

IntoTheMinds has access to all the latest SEO tools and could transform the terms and ideas into operational input that we could implement immediately. We can only give our very best recommendations to IntoTheMinds.

Agence creation podcast France et Belgique

Creation of corporate podcasts

As an inbound marketing agency, we started in 2019 with podcasts. Our podcast ” podcast Marketing and Entrepreneurship ” entered the TOP50 of marketing podcasts in French in January 2021. Our strategy of creating audio content has proven to be successful in finding new customers, especially among our guests. Therefore, we make our knowledge available to companies to help them design, record and distribute their podcast. If you wish, we can create podcasts with your company or its customers and then broadcast them on our channel.

Services :

  • design of your corporate podcast (editorial line, branding, name, logo, definition of broadcast platforms)
  • animation: we can animate your podcast and do the animation ourselves
  •  recording: we propose to you the material and online tools necessary for the podcast’s realization.
  • We take care of your corporate podcast distribution on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and all other platforms.

Languages : French, English, Dutch

Budget : from 300€ per episode

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Creation of videos

The future of SEO is also video. In 2022, companies that rely on video to communicate with their customers and prospects will be successful. Do you want to be part of it? We have spent over 6 months developing a remote video format in TV quality that will showcase your company and your guests.

This format allows you to produce video capsules of very high quality, both in content and form.

Services :

  • definition and design of your video’s appearance
  • provision of tools for remote video production in TV quality
  • interview hosting
  • editing and post-production
  • diffusion

Languages : French, English, Dutch

Durée : 5 to 15 minutes

Budget : from 750€ per video episode

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