Case studies: Foreign market research

Anticipate the specificities of foreign markets

A company’s business strategy and success in foreign markets will depend on the adequacy between its products and services and customer expectations in that market. To anticipate these needs, we carry out specific market research to understand and test the interest of foreign customers in your offer. Below are some examples of research conducted in a B2B context and others in a B2C context.

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Market research in Belgium for products for plumbers and heating specialists

market research plumbersThe French company GEB has commissioned us to conduct market research in Belgium to understand the expectations and needs of plumbers and heating specialists who may use its products. We proposed a qualitative methodology (face-to-face interviews within the company) with target companies of different sizes, reflecting the statistics provided by national statistical institute Statbel on this sector of activity. Despite the difficulties in recruiting respondents, we were able to conduct around twenty interviews (in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) to understand, on the one hand, the purchasing methods and decision-making processes and, on the other hand, the expectations and opinions of these professionals regarding GEB products.

This study allowed our client to better understand the specificities of the Belgian market and to adapt its commercial strategy accordingly.

Research on the Belgian market for the sale of automobile accessories

logo tönnjesIn 2019, we carried out market research for the German company Tönnjes on Belgian territory intending to develop its online services related to the automobile industry there.

This research focused first on studying market access conditions and exposing existing competition. Based mainly on desk research, the final deliverable was therefore structured around two main areas:

  • the current market structure: the legal aspects, the players in place and their financial and operational analysis
  • development prospects

Research on the use of agrochemicals in Southwest Asia

In 2019, we carried out market research for one of our long-standing customers (based in Luxembourg) on the use of agrochemicals in 4 countries in South-West Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

This research, which was initially desk-based, preceded a field phase during which pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use patterns would be studied and new products tested.

The desk research highlighted 22 studies already carried out on the subject in South-West Asia but also in other countries that are very similar in terms of agricultural practices, thus opening up new geographical opportunities for our client.

Research into consumer expectations in cross-border e-commerce

In 2017-2018, we carried out significant research for a postal operator on consumer expectations for cross-border deliveries. The rapid development of e-commerce has led to profound changes in the business model of postal operators and players in the logistics sector in general. While consumers still favoured domestic e-commerce sites a few years ago, sales on foreign websites are now exploding, substantially changing supply-chain requirements to meet consumer expectations.

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