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Podcasting Agency

IntoTheMinds proposes branded and corporate podcasting services. IntoTheMinds is a podcast agency that helps its clients develop audio content for distribution on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, and all major platforms. The creation of podcasts is part of a broader inbound marketing strategy to develop your online presence and organic traffic.

We specialize in creating podcasts for a B2B audience: audio content that showcases your business to B2B customers and prospects.

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Our services around the trademark podcast at a glance

  • Services : creation of all or part of company podcasts in B2B
  • Languages : French, English, Dutch
  • Podcast production mode : remote mode only
  • Budget : from 400€ per episode

Our podcast agency takes care of everything for you:

  • definition of podcast content
  • finding your guests
  • remote recording
  • post-production
  • diffusion

If you wish, we can even animate your podcasts.

Launch your brand’s podcast

Why launch a corporate podcast?

création de podcast de marque

Podcasting is an excellent way to reach a new audience, especially in B2B. Information habits differ between individuals, and multiplying formats allow one to reach more people. In France, 5.8 million French people listen to podcasts at least once a week.

Also, the podcast is used in specific conditions: public transport, car, sport. The listener is captive, and the listening time is extended. In France, 81% of downloaded podcasts are listened to in their entirety.

The high memorization rate, combined with a long listening time, makes podcasting an ideal medium for promoting your company and supporting your growth.

Creating a podcast allows you to showcase your company, its know-how, products, and services to prospects. Also, since podcasting is still not widely used in B2B, it allows you to occupy the field and attract prospects’ and customers’ attention.

How does a podcast creation project work?


A corporate podcast project begins with a briefing from the client on the objectives they wish to achieve. We integrate these objectives into the broader context of an inbound marketing strategy to determine the podcast’s ideal angle of attack. We make the podcast a tool to serve your business and other objectives.

Editorial proposal

We come back to you with a proposal of editorial line, target audience, format. We will notably examine the interest in video podcasts (or videocasts) as a complement to audio podcasts. At this stage, we will also propose different sound identities and a first guest list if you wish to opt for a podcast in “interview” mode.


A pilot episode is made, which serves as a reference for future adjustments. We recommend episodes of less than 30 minutes to maximize listeners’ attention and help them memorize your messages.


When the pilot is confirmed, we move on to an episode planning phase. One can only build the audience around the regular posting of content. Ideally, an episode should be broadcast every week or every two weeks to build audience loyalty. If you opt for a parallel video broadcast (videocast), it is essential to respect a weekly rhythm.

How can you use a podcast in your marketing strategy?

While many companies have heard about podcasts, few know what they can be used for and how they fit into a marketing strategy.

We distinguish several uses for a corporate podcast:

  • Customer feedback : We engage your customers to explain how they generate value from your products or services.
  • Sectorial expertise : we bring in your management to talk about the evolution of your market. We thus position you as an expert with the auditors.
  • Fundraising : if your company is in the fundraising phase, we help develop content aimed at investors.

Do you have another use in mind? Contact us!

Why use a podcasting agency?

Launching a podcast requires technical and editorial skills but also time. These are resources that are not naturally present in the company.

As a podcast agency, we bring you all these skills:

  • Technical: we advise you on the material to make remote podcasts with a minimum budget.
  • Marketing: we give you advice on the platforms to broadcast your podcast and how to improve your inbound marketing.
  • Editorials: we advise you on the topics to be covered and even go so far as to animate your podcast ourselves.


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