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IntoTheMinds has developed a method to allow you to record video podcasts (videocasts) remotely in TV quality. This format is ideal for sharing your expertise and finding new clients. It is part of an inbound marketing strategy.

Thanks to this innovation, which we are the only ones to propose, you can regularly broadcast high-quality video content for a fraction of the price of a regular video. Videocasts also allow you to reinforce your company’s credibility by occupying the field and positioning yourself, before others, as an expert in your field. Here is an example of a videocast made with a Stockolm-based started that had just raised 3m€.

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Our video podcast services at a glance

Services : creation, animation and broadcasting of video podcasts (interviews and debates filmed in TV quality) with up to 7 guests

Languages : French, English, Dutch

Budget : 750€ per episode of 5 to 15 minutes with a minimum of 3 episodes.

The advantages of video podcasting

The video podcast is the only way to enhance your podcasts on YouTube. If, technically, the broadcasting of an audio podcast on YouTube remains possible (there is only the sound but not the image), the interest is limited, and the audience will not follow. Our technique allows you to record video and create an audio podcast in parallel for Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast, and other platforms.

The video format can be reused in multiple forms; on your own YouTube channel, on your website, in your newsletters. You can also combine call-to-action (CTA) directly in the video on YouTube to link back to your website.

Finally, broadcasting your videos on YouTube also allows you to optimize your SEO. Indeed, by creating videos around search keywords, you attract a new traffic source to your website. The competition for SEO on videos is still low. Take this opportunity to emerge in search results.


What are the differences between a video podcast and a videoconference?

Since the Covid crisis, we have got used to remote meetings: zoom, Teams, Google Meet have no more secrets for anyone. There are several fundamental differences between a videoconference with one of these tools and the video podcast services we propose:

  1. We offer remote video podcasts with TV-quality, no breaks, and the best resolution. Watch the video above and compare it with a Zoom meeting, for example, to appreciate the difference.
  2. We create a video presentation like on television.
  3. The video is edited to include elements that maintain the viewer’s attention: videos, images, text.
  4. We prepare a script prior to shooting to respect a tight schedule and focus the exchange on a theme that will interest the viewer.

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If you wish, we can animate video podcasts in 3 languages for you. We interview your customers, CEOs, managers to discuss topics related to your company and its know-how.

The possible uses are multiple:

  • Explain the added value of complex products or services
  • Showcase your customers by highlighting how they create value through your products or services
  • Develop credibility online in your market
  • Strengthen your SEO with videos responding to online requests

In the video below, we highlight the technical data analysis skills of a Hungarian company. The addition of animation, text, and frequent transitions keep the video alive and informative.


Our unique process, developed and refined in 2020, allows us to achieve unparalleled efficiency. In 1 hour of recording per month, we have enough material to produce one video per week. In other words, by investing on your side 1 hour per month, you can have one video episode per week. We take care of everything.

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