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Market research in Portugal: the 10 best data sources

By Lorène Fauvelle PhD in marketing, director of IntoTheMinds
Continuing our series on the best data sources, we now detail which sources to use for your market research in Portugal. A checklist is also provided at the end of this article. Contact us for our B2B studies Summary Official […]

Continuing our series on the best data sources, we now detail which sources to use for your market research in Portugal.

A checklist is also provided at the end of this article.

Contact us for our B2B studies


Official national statistics

For your market research in Portugal, the first website to visit is the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatistica), the national statistics institute. The data from this website, as from all national statistics websites, will give credibility to your research, your business plan and will be a significant asset in your search for investors. You will find general statistics on economic, demographic, environmental and societal issues but also first sector statistics (agriculture, industry, tertiary and services, and so on).

instituto nacional de estatistica, homepage de l'institut national des statistiques au Portugal

How to use this data for your market research?

  • Define a geographical location (catchment area) based on regional demographics and economy
  • Understanding consumer purchasing behaviour
  • Defining competitors in the market
  • Understanding some key legislative restrictions

This data will be particularly useful if you need to carry out PESTEL research (to find out more about PESTEL, click here).

Companies financial data

To grasp the profitability of your project but also to understand the financial situation of your competitors and future partners, you will need to find out about their respective financial positions.

The Portuguese counterpart of the e-informa website, also available on the Spanish market, records the financial data of companies, which will enable you to carry out the research in question. However, you will need to create an account on the website to access all the information.

Websites such as portugalio and informa also propose this type of service.

If you propose products or services in B2B, do not hesitate to use these websites to test the competitiveness of your market by analysing the financial data of your prospects.

Consumer protection

Deco.proteste.pt works for the defence of consumers in Portugal. The website proposes both to accompany consumers in their steps following a bad customer experience, and comparisons of products and services.

The latter will be particularly useful to give you a first impression of the market, its condition and its competitiveness. Take the opportunity to understand what the website and consumers think of your competitors’ products and services, for example.

Homepage de deco proteste, association pour la défense des consommateurs au Portugal

This will enable you to position yourself concerning your competitors and confirm or deny the interest of your future product or service.
Remember that the first idea is rarely the right one. Don’t be discouraged if you perceive a lack of alignment with market demand. Consider this as an opportunity to improve your primary idea.

Customs and border protection

For all your import or export operations with Portugal, please contact the customs portal for more information. This website provides you with a complete overview of customs regulations, as well as the procedures to be followed, the accreditations required to carry out specific operations, and so forth.

Go to the “Informations douanières” tab for more information on customs decrees and customs news.

Onglet "Informations douanières" du portail des douanes portugaises

Customs websites are an excellent source of data for your PESTEL research, especially for the “L” (Legal aspects).

We have dedicated an article to market research applied to the export sector. You can access it here.

Sector data for your market research in Portugal

Analyses of the market and its situation (economic, demographic, customs, societal, and so on) are certainly to be taken into consideration when you want to set up in a country. However, you will also need to look in more detail at issues related to your sector (structure and economic situation of the industry, specific legislation, agreements, aid and subsidies, and so forth). Below you will find an overview of the best sources of sectoral data. One of the leading websites to visit will be the national and governmental website: portugal.gov.pt, which proposes data on many specific subjects and sectors.


Health professionals will need to visit the website of the National Health Service (SNS) to collect information related to this sector.

Page d'accueil du SNS, service national de la santé

Go to the various tabs presented above to get a complete overview of the sector and its issues. In particular, the National Health Service offers essential information on this subject in the “Institutionnel” tab, which details health policies and programmes as well as many other related topics.

Find crucial and detailed information on medicines and medical devices on the Infarmed website, supported by the SNS.

The Food industry

To collect data and analyses around the food sector, you can visit the website of the ASAE, the food safety control authority.
Find the dossier on the food and drink industry in Portugal published by the French Embassy in Portugal.


The primary data concerning the agricultural sector in Portugal are available on the DGADR (Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development) website. In particular, we advise you to go to the “Activity Reports” tab.
The Ministry of Agriculture will also provide additional information.


In the same vein, you can visit the official government website which proposes a complete section on the environment and energy transition.
Further information on the Portuguese energy sector, energy fundamentals and policies are also available on the website portualenergia.pt.


For those involved in the education sector, go to the “Education” tab on the Portuguese government website. Here you will find mainly news from the sector.

Actualités du secteur de l'éducation sur le site du gouvernement

Use the search bar to find information that is relevant to you.

Data specific to higher education is available here.


For all questions relating to innovative initiatives and R&D, the ANI is the website to visit, the national innovation agency. The website details the programmes to which you can subscribe, the conditions as well as the available subsidies.

Tableau récapitulatif

Themes Data source Interest for your market research in Portugal
Nationals statistics INE Official figures to contribute to your PESTEL study
Financial data




Competition research, profitability of the sector
Consumer protection Deco.proteste.pt Market analysis, sector analysis
Customs and border protection portail des douanes Legal aspects of the PESTEL analysis
Sector data – Health



Files on health issues and medicines
Sector data – The food industry ASAE Indicators on the food industry market and legal aspects
Sector data – Agriculture


Ministère de l’agriculture

Agricultural legislation, agreements and policies
Sector data – Energy



Energy indicators and legislation
Sector data – Education



Education-related data at national level
Sector data – Innovation ANI Aid for innovation

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