Strategy consulting : increase the resale value of your firm

How can you attract the attention of investors if you remain in the shadows?

Most entrepreneurs’ dream is to create and develop a business and then sell it at a better price. IntoTheMinds helps you to prepare your company to be sold and to get the best price. By optimising profitability and capitalising on customer loyalty, we make your company more attractive to investors.

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man in shadowOur solutions

Our interventions allow us to quickly identify the priorities and flaws that would have made a recovery of your business hypothetical. These interventions, similar in form to an audit, very often release dormant or under-exploited potential and improve turnover and profits. We pay particular attention to the documentation of existing processes in the company to guarantee an optimal takeover and a minimal risk for the buyer.

Why do you need to optimise your company to resell it?

The vast majority of entrepreneurs believe that it will be easy when the time comes, to sell the fruits of their labour. Nothing could be less sure. Do you know the restrictive criteria that will make your business non-transferable? On the other hand, have you ever thought about strategies to increase its potential appeal?

Selling a company requires a long-term investment (in the figurative sense) and requires an early start, at least two years before the desired date of the sale.

As baby boomers prepare to retire, the most recent studies show that most companies will not be sold. This is all the more damaging as these companies represent a significant pool of jobs that will disappear.

The work of Yvonne Slots and Loek Swelsen (Hogeschool Zuid, Netherlands) shows that there are 6 obstacles to the sale of a company:

  1. Assess the value of the company
  2. Search for potential buyers
  3. Emotional aspects
  4. Lack of expertise of the prospective buyer
  5. Tax issues
  6. Difficulties in raising funds

IntoTheMinds can help entrepreneurs who wish to sell their business. We participate in the financial evaluation of the company and find ways to increase its value. The implementation of operational procedures will help the buyer to quickly adopt his new leadership role. IntoTheMinds’ work is, therefore, useful to both the buyer and the seller.