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Choosing the right location for a retail outlet is crucial to the success of your business. A good site is indeed a critical success factor… or a near guarantee of failure in case of the wrong choice. Our location studies makes it possible to validate an existing location or, in the event of a broader search, to identify promising areas on territories at the scale of a department, a region or even a country.

Below are some examples of recent assignments for different clients and in various fields of activity.

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Research on the location of nursing homes in France, Belgium and Luxembourg

Our client, the French group EMERA, has entrusted us with several significant assignments in which we have been asked to study the ideal locations for their future nursing homes. We have carried out a series of successive projects for EMERA for areas as diverse as

  • the Brussels region (Belgium)
  • the department of Haute-Savoie (France)
  • the Hérault department (France)
  • Luxembourg
  • the provinces of Antwerp and Brabant-Walloon (Belgium).

For each of these projects, we designed an interactive map using Carto that included both statistical data at the community level, as well as data we had collected on EMERA’s competitors. In other words, the data visualised were both primary (data collected by IntoTheMinds on behalf of EMERA) and secondary (that is to say, public data on socio-demographic indicators of the communities).

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot reproduce the results delivered (which are the property of the client), but you will find below an example of an interactive map (whose data has been modified) similar in form to the one we delivered to the client.

Thanks to these interactive maps, EMERA was able to validate the locations already chosen and explore new ones.

Our interactive maps, always tailor-made for your project, are the essential tool for your decision-making.

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Implementation research for a fast food business in Brussels

Placeholder on a mapOver the last few years, we have carried out several implantation research studies for restaurants, snack bars and fast food outlets. The success of a business in the HoReCa sector depends mainly on its location and the characteristics of its catchment area. For this reason, we combine several techniques when it comes to analysing the right site for an HoReCa business:

  • study of pedestrian traffic in front of the retail outlet
  • competition study in the catchment area

By applying this method, we were able to provide decisive analyses for a business in the European quarter in Brussels, for a Mexican restaurant in the Sablon district (Brussels), for a fresh juice outlet in the Porte de Namur district (Brussels).

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