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This YouTuber has 50 million subscribers, and that’s not good news

By Pierre-Nicolas Schwab PhD in marketing, director of IntoTheMinds
For the end of the year 2020, MrBeast, YouTuber with 50 million subscribers, has put online a video that is symptomatic of the evils of our society. This video was truly disgusting to me because, in addition to being useless, […]

For the end of the year 2020, MrBeast, YouTuber with 50 million subscribers, has put online a video that is symptomatic of the evils of our society. This video was truly disgusting to me because, in addition to being useless, it promotes the values that destroy our living together. And yet it has already garnered 30 million views.

MrBeast offers us the distressing spectacle of our addictions and the values that motivate us.

Who is MrBeast?

First of all, a little reminder for those who don’t know who MrBeast is.

Jimmy Donaldson of his real name is a YouTuber star in the United States whose first video went viral and would make even the most hardcore “performance art” fans jealous. In this video, which has accumulated more than 20 million views, MrBeast is filming himself as he counts up to 20,000,000 views in the … 100000. It’s fascinating and lasts 24 hours.

Mr Beats compte jusqu'à 100000

Since then, as this portrait published by Bloomberg reminds us, each of his videos has exceeded 20 million views and 34 million hours of viewing have been spent each month on his YouTube channel. You are not mistaken. Every month, 34 million hours are spent watching his videos. That’s 50 whole human lives a month watching his videos. That is huge.

We also learn that the average cost of making his videos is $300,000 and that he employs 50 people for production and logistics.

All these impressive figures would make you dream if the videos themselves were up to the task. But the least we can say is that the message they convey is catastrophic.

The average cost of making his YouTube videos is $300,000, and MrBeats employs 50 people for production and logistics.

Why MrBeast videos are decadent and unbearable

I have to admit that I didn’t know MrBeast before I read the Bloomberg article. His success is unbelievable, and I am delighted for him. But it comes at a price: the degradation of those who watch his videos.

If his first video could still make people smile (nearly 120k comments and 1m of “blue thumbs” anyway), what about the following ones? Here are a few titles chosen at random:

  • I Put 1,000,000 Christmas Lights On A House (World Record)
  • I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It
  • I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!
  • Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It
  • Press This Button To Win $100,000!
  • I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice
  • I Uber’d People And Let Them Keep The Car
  • I Filled My Brother’s House With Slime & Bought Him A New One
  • I Gave My 40,000,000th Subscriber 40 Cars
  • Get This Random Person 1,000,000 Subscribers

Lots of numbers, lots of zeros, and one thing in common: the promotion of gain, materialistic values, and competition. His Christmas video (“I put 1,000,000 Christmas lights on a house”) in particular is a masterpiece of its kind.

In 15 minutes, a day, you can learn a foreign language. And in 15 minutes spent on YouTube?

MrBeast and his million Christmas lights

As you can see, MrBeast likes to go over the top. In this sense, he has well understood the human nature that the dose of dopamine will only come with ever more insane objectives to reach. This race to excess is made by playing on the lowest instincts of the human being. His Christmas video gives us a luminous demonstration of this.

For the latter, MrBeast announces having bought 3 houses and 1.7 million Christmas lights. He then set up 3 teams of 2 people each. The aim of the game is simple. The team that best decorates its house will be able to keep it. The youngest participant is 18 years old.

Extrait de la vidéo mise enligne par MrBeast sur YouTube pour Noël 2020

The countless Christmas lights are collected between the houses. Each team has a set amount of time to decorate “their” home, which results in a few fights on the heap of garlands. Life is a struggle, even when making “his” house more beautiful than his neighbours.

Extrait de la vidéo mise enligne par MrBeast sur YouTube pour Noël 2020

The results are up to the challenge. The lighting in each home must consume the equivalent of the daily output of a nuclear power plant. At a time of global warming, you will appreciate the message conveyed.

Extrait de la vidéo mise enligne par MrBeast sur YouTube pour Noël 2020

In this energy orgy, don’t forget to remember to subscribe (see above, top right corner). A team has therefore decided to make its decoration on the theme … videos of MrBeast. Despite this fairy tale, I tell you right away, (Spoil!), they won’t win.

Extrait de la vidéo mise enligne par MrBeast sur YouTube pour Noël 2020

Finally comes the moment that everyone has been waiting for: the verdict. The jury members are not just anyone, since they are two Youtubers with millions of subscribers. If you don’t recognise them, they are the 2 boys on the picture’s right: MatPat (13,6m subscribers, an expert in video games), Quackity (3,7m subscribers, an expert in Minecraft). There is also a girl (Damaris) a “random subscriber” and of course MrBeast himself (on the left of the picture).

You will note the irony. These 4 YouTube products will therefore decide the outcome of a “contest” posted itself on YouTube.  I’ll save you a few minutes of useless viewing by revealing the names of the winners … it’s the 2 kids in the picture. The one on the right is 18 years old.

Extrait de la vidéo mise enligne par MrBeast sur YouTube pour Noël 2020

MrBeast also has an eye for the losers, offering them a beautiful sports car worth $30,000. Despite Mr Beast’s efforts, the losers can’t hide their disappointment.  At least when someone won a car in the Price is Right 10 years ago, he was happy. But in 2021 young people have become very ungrateful.


Where am I going with all this? MrBeast offers us the distressing spectacle of our addictions and the values that motivate us.

Addiction first of all to the biggest, strongest, most expensive, most beautiful and so on. Today it takes a ton of superlatives to get “views” and “likes”. Without this debauchery, it is impossible to capture the Internet user’s attention who, like the heroin addict, needs an ever-increasing dose of emotion on YouTube.

Values. You have to do better than your neighbour, spend more, get bigger or taller than others. The spirit of competition has replaced the spirit of collaboration. Individualism has replaced the gregarious instinct of the first settlers. The Other exists to be surpassed, to be beaten. He is now only a point of comparison.

Doing something sensational and exaggerated is the only reason for MrBeast and other YouTubers in the “entertainment” business to exist. On the one hand, they exploit the flaws of human beings and their thirst for dopamine. On the other hand, they also influence the YouTube algorithm‘s deficiencies, which is calibrated to maximise the hours spent on the platform and the addictive content.

This is a great way to start 2021.




  1. this was the funniest article I’ve read in awhile. Thanks!

  2. why are you hating on him? he’s doing a good thing and helping others as well

  3. Look- clearly you don’t know anything. MrBeast has donated MILLIONS of dollars to people in need (not just to his friends) He has also donated millions of meals to food banks and a whole heck of a lot of things to homeless shelters. And just because they were disappointed when they didn’t win a house and lost the competition DOES NOT make them ungrateful- if you lost a challenge that tens of millions of people were going to watch, i can guarantee you’d be disappointed to, because anyone would be. So stop hating on a good man who does so much for society, and maybe start doing something useful and impactful with your life.

  4. I mean not everything you said here is wrong. But there are many things i dissagree in.
    Yes he wasted alot of energy during the christmas video and yes he spends unreasonably big amounts of money for and during his videos. But when i comes to entertainment there often must be a winner in the diffrent competitions an so on. So the fact that his videos are all about who made the biggest or did something the best is nescessary for the eintertainments sake.
    I feel that you are exaggerating and dont see the positives in what hes doing.

  5. Dear Feliks,

    thank you for your comment.

    You got exactly my point. I disagree with the exaggerated entertainment perspective of his videos and what they reveal about us.

    I admire his entrepreneurial drive and his ability to generate views, but I disagree with the method. I find it worrying that thousands of hours of peoples’ lives are spent watching such content. I can’t oppose people like it ; but I worry about where our society is heading towards.

  6. I’m well aware that MrBeast has donated a lot of money. He actually publicizes it a lot and most of his videos are based on his giving away money, cars, …
    I’m not criticizing this. I quite admire that he managed to build a 50-people business and attracts millions of views.

    What I’m criticizing is the method. We, Humans, have flaws which already get exploited a lot (think about notifications and algorithms that draw you towards social media). What MrBeast does is leveraging these flaws to let us stick to his content.

    I think (and I understand you don’t share my viewpoint) that we have more important things to do than to squander our time watching low-value content. One thing that I always ask myself when I stopped watching YouTube is : “What new stuff did I learn”. If I can’t answer the question, it means the content is worthless.

    Happy to debate with you on this.

  7. Why r u complaining? Mrbeast gave more then 1 million dollars away, and how would u know the the electricity is not from natural sources. It is awesome news Mrbeast hit 50 mil. U r so ungrateful for how Mrbeast has helped others because you are jealous of him. In the video, Chris is obviously not happy, he lost a house(though still got a car, but houses are more expensive than a car)! Like you wrote in the reply you wrote to somebody else, WHAT IS THE POINT OF HIS VIDEOS, then i ask you, what is the point of the article? To criticise?

    This does not make sense and are trying to make MrBeast lose subscribers because you do not like some of his methods and are just jealous.


    -Dw, Mrbeast’s most loyal fan

  8. Yes, his content is worthless, but I came to his channel to watch something FUN, not educational, the same reason I watch movies and read fantasy books. Yes, it is a bit addicting, and it converges on people’s flaws, but when you go to high school and college and see the depravity and sickness there, Mr. beasts videos seem cuddly in comparison. While it is a detriment, playing video games and making profit off of it is much worse, in many people’s opinions than giving away money, since it encourages playing games.

  9. The fact that people still don’t see anything he does as questionable is a fact that we are indeed screwed. MrBeast “donates” a lot of stuff to people he knows, it is always a friend of a friend, or someone my dad knows, or someone that guy knows that I know, my subscribers etc. When he dumps $300k in someone’s lap we have no idea if any of his videos are fake, if they are not he throws money at a lot of people that don’t deserve it, young people that are already thinking they are entitled to everything without any work. When he sold that house for $1 to the gangster looking guy in a nice car… I mean… sure, why not?

    If his videos were fake, I don’t think he is breaking any rules, he is doing it to feed the viewers. I love it when viewers abroad keep thinking that one day he might come to their poor country and donate money:)) MtBeast doesn’t go anywhere to donate money that isn’t close to where he knows people. I think that his videos are scripted. I actually saw a guy in one of his videos than then became a target of his random “donation” in another video. That person was supposed to be a complete random person. Coincidence?

    Why have we not seen him do any “charitable” stuff in the middle of a big city. NYC, Chicago, whatever place that may need some help. Why not travel to a foreign country and help there? Easier to just buy a private island and go there… Why not get involved with a hospital, fire fighters, first line responders, volunteers, schools etc. There are places out there that with $10k would be complete game changers.

    I have not seen a SINGLE video where he did that. Do actual charity.

    Pardon me, but isn’t charity supposed to be done without expecting anything in return? When you boast and get millions of revenue from it, how is that charity? I doubt the volunteers in conflict zones or regions ravaged by natural disasters get this many views and lavished income.

    I watched some of his videos and I could see patterns, I kept watching so I could try to understand why he is so popular and failed to understand it. For me, once you watched a few videos, you pretty much watched all of them.

    I think MrBeast is the Bitcoin of YouTube, if you actually get what my point, then you know exactly what I meant. Both artificially inflated, useless products:))

    He is surely feeding something to everyone… and people are eager to swallow it all.

  10. Before I get crucified:)) I did see a few videos where he genuinely seemed to have done charity work, but far and few between, also very short and not much backstory or mention of the work he has done. Maybe he wants “that” work kept anonymous? Could be that his sponsors dictate how he throws the money away… or not actually throw it away.

    Remember those Amazon reviews on shitty items just because the seller has provided them with a Amazon gift card, or some other free stuff? Essentially buying the reviews so they sell more stuff? Seems kinda what he does.

    The other flag in my book is the lack of any information on the people he has helped.
    An obvious thing would be, why not give a random guy a Lambo that won’t be able to afford the service, insurance, fuel, general upkeep etc?

  11. Mr Beast’s videos are useless and he has way too much money. Basically nearly all the people he donated to are just actors, it’s actually been proven. He should go off the internet as he is brainwashing young children alike.

  12. He’s right, Mr.Beast kind of sucks… Not to mention, he technically buys his audience with the whole money gift thing… But then , if you remove the money from Mr.Beast’s videos, then they turn into normal videos, which have nothing special. In other words, it’s just the money that made him special, Anything else is just bullsheet and bought friends & celebrities. He’s the lamest excuse of a youtuber I’ve ever seen, and the worst part is that he’s actually popular! Like- What? Change, people. Change.

  13. My interpretation of your opinion is: if content does not teach you something, it’s not worth existing. As a fellow human yourself, do you see no value in activities that relieve stress, or distract from the negatives in life, without necessarily providing a lesson learned? I’ve never met anyone that thinks 100% of their time has to be spent learning and progressing. That’s just not human nature. And that’s exactly how you come across in your comments. For what it’s worth – I don’t know MrBeast and can’t say I’ve seen any of his videos. But from what you describe in this article, it seems that your opinion is coming from a sad, negative place in which you’re attempting to place the things you value (learning) as the only things others should value. That’s a very poor, negative and sad outlook to have.

  14. Mrbeast MIGHT be fake but he did not break any rules. (NOT SAYING HE IS) Why r u complaining? The reason Mrbeast has so many subs is because he is smart and knows how to get the audience. Using the audience, he makes some money. He uses this money to get more audience, and this continues.

  15. I too have felt the immaturity and lacking of awareness or wisdom in every Mr beast video. He burnt a freaking card board castle… they seriously need to realize there actions have consequences… not just for themselves, but everyone else as wel… yes he has donated tons of money and stuff, but at the cost of several immature, irresponsible, stupid decisions that cost all of us alot.. he blew up millions of fire works… he emmits more co2 than greece. I also hate the message and manipulative heart behind the scenes…

  16. Guys, Why r u looking at all the cons of Mrbeast when the pros outweigh the cons.

    -Some actions affected the environment.
    -a little immature

    these are all I can think of

    -game millions of dollars way.
    -started #teamtrees
    -Makes us happy and entertained

  17. Mrbeast certainly deserves some support for what he has done

  18. i agree with your POV, materialistic value has redefined the so called “creativity”. i hate the same trend has been happening for a while in my country. rich people and even celebrity showing people things that they can’t afford , fleeting dream is the new addiction and the new trend to bring on massive viewers and the worst part of it: it works. low key i also blame the society to get attracted to this kind of things, i mean there is no supply without demand right?

  19. Mr Beast’s YouTube channel is fake and worthless and this article captures perfectly why.

  20. I kinda disagree with most of the facts but don’t send hate

  21. Some people argue that Mr Beast is helping the earth by ‘his’ contribution to team trees, but also fail to see that all the money comes from donators across the world.
    He is a fake

  22. This article was a laughable waste of my time. I’d rather be watching mrbeast, where he transforms the lives of those in need and just by subscribing gives me a lottery’s chance of getting the same transformation for myself. If you aren’t part of the upper elite, any help is welcome, and if you ARE one of the elite, our society needs more people like mr beast helping out the underdogs, so you know, time to step tf up.

  23. Mr Beast videos suck because they’re devoid of content. It’s literally just MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. GUYS MONEY?? MONEY!! It’s lowest common denominator turds

  24. you can’t really judge a creator off their most recent content.that’s just what they may of been enjoying to do.i mean he has videos of him giving away cars,buying people houses,giving people thousands of dollars,buying whole stores for food banks and giving so much stuff..so yeah he may have to put clickbait titles.because he needs viewers,he needs stupid videos with stupid money so he can afford to give money to people.honestly just watching a few more videos would show he is a genuine guy

  25. Thank you for your comment. In the end, I think that the most annoying part is not that Mr. Beast gives away a lot of stuff. This is good.
    The bad side of it is that our Sociery requires such excesses to foster attention. We, as consumers, require excessive marketing tricks. Otherwise we just don’t care.

  26. I agree that his content is really low quality compared to others, very repititive and exaggerated, but is common that lots of people like that. I’m still surprised at how much people there are willing to watch his stuff regularly.

    On the other hand, consuming and marketing has been evolving like this in Youtube, partly because of competition and younger and younger people start to watch. Even movies and entertenmaint has become more exaggerated and basic, but Youtube maybe shows this more. The future indeed looks kinda bad in this sense, but I think good quality content and culture will always exist, just lets hope it grows and there is just more content production in general

  27. I admire the guy. He managed to find a way for everybody to win including himself. He takes money from sponsors with too much of it,gives it to people with too little of it. People enjoy watching the videos even if they are often clickbait and people genuinely seem to want to join him helping their local community in North Carolina. Giving someone a car is a life changing event giving someone a house is an even bigger one. Seems like a rare scenario with no losers.

  28. What do you mean by clickbait and low quality? If you think MrBeast sucks, try being as popular as MrBeast. It is not easy and needs effort. You guys don’t understand that MrBeast actually does charity work. Go to Beast Philanthropy and Colin and Samir'”s interview with MrBeast. You would understand MrBeast, his goal and how he does it. If it is that easy, do it yourself and try. The way you comment on this article makes it look like anything other than educational is bad. I agree that MrBeast is not perfect and no one is, but you guys are only looking at one side of the argument.

  29. I would wager a LOT of money (if I had it) that these folks telling you you don’t get it and you don’t appreciate the wonderful things MrBeast does are either a) literally much younger than you, b) emotionally much younger than you, or both. Good fo him for giving away so much money, but it is most definitely a very bad reflection of the human condition today. The cost of his philanthropy is VERY MANY hours of time wasted, and time is more valuable than the “children” watching it realize.

  30. MrBeast as a business concept is morally deplorable and ethically bankrupt. His “philanthropy” is just image management while he turns extreme consumerism to dangerous new heights.

    His latest endeavour, doing ocean clean up is just another hypocritical attempt at painting his socially reprehensible antics as something good. This is objective nonsense.

    When you frequently buy an entire store inventory full of plastic crap, gamefy it in an orgy of disgusting capitalist greed for a dumb video, than it is very clear you are a very very big part of the plastic problem and not at all part of the solution.

    MrBeast has no business tainting the actual business of cleaning up the ocean for the oceans sake. I’m very disappointed in the Ocean Cleanup company that actively sought this clown out for a collab.

  31. Pretty late in to the party, however you do have some points in the article in how mrbeast may do some outrageous things that may or may not be useful to the society and somewhat a waste. HOWEVER it is still an effective way and his own way of doing content in which there is no right or wrong and *relatively* it is better than other ways of gaining money and viewers, especially when it comes to content in companies and such or other big wigs. The claims written in this may seem logical though it is somewhat exaggerating when putting to context how it would affect the people, for he does no harm and only helps. Moreover it is not as serious as what the article make it seem to be people want to be entertained and mrbeast’s clips give what the people may or may not want, he just capitalizes on us and what we want in our hearts and he knows it, but is there harm? if there is why not look into other more covert things like what mr.beast do and start with them first for I know for sure they do far worse than what mrbeast do.. Proof of how good of a content what he does is,. Just look at his success..

  32. JFC…yOuToOb is the downfall of any intelligent, thought based human progression. We need to stop making forgettable, stupid, immature, apathetic, people famous. He contributes and adds nothing to help advance or progress this world in it’s development. Acting like a brainless child on your phone camera, isn’t productive, contributive, and only keeps a society down by simple, reactive material. “Person falls. Funny. Me laugh” garbage.

    I hate youtube, it’s purpose, and most of the people on it, and can’t wait to see it crash and burn. It’s the haven of the failures at life, the lowest denominator of humans that get excited about bright colors and loud noises. Hence, why 90% of youtube is yelling, screaming and “adults” giggling and reacting like toddlers.

  33. Compared with all the faults you mentioned, I think Mr. Beast still has a much more positive impact on the world. Every time participants get/win something, most viewers also feel happy. Selflessness and putting-other-people-first mindset are getting into the minds and hearts of the viewers. And that’s what Jimmy is. He never flaunted his possessions, only his love for YouTube and obsession with great content. While there were instances that it seemed like the money and resources were a waste, it doesn’t outweigh what he has done for the environment and the economy.

  34. For people saying he did good things and that he didnt watch his videos, i think you didnt read what he said about values and the message it conveys.

    But you cant blame him much more than you can blame hollywood(or netflix nowaday) and classic media, at least he conveys the message of being generous, unlike media and TV that also convey the message of surpassing others, getting dopamine, and such, but you gotta be a slave for a bunch of boomers if you wanna have a chance to get some retribution.

    At least with Mr.Beast you feel like they collaborate with just a few lucky winners, even when the rest of the world is struggling, but hey, the guy is a 20yo and is doing so much more than others, and you dont know what he will achieve or what impact he may do in our world on a positive level when he gets older and more mature.

    Regardless of anything, parents and society in general, government, are more responsible for what kind of values kids have, not just a guy that gives them something they would find somewhere else if he didnt exist.

    Even if you kill a drug dealer, someone else will replace him in no time, so society needs to fix a lot if you think a single guy has so much power on people’s minds and behavior.

    The problem is theres big fish on top that profit on a consumer oriented society, because its easy to control people when they put priority on consuming than morals, ethics, etc.

    And regarding competition, workplace, school, sports taught that long ago to kids, and i think its something related to human nature and nature in general. Teamwork is something humans do when they face a greater threat they can take alone, but ultimately if the threat ceases to exist, competition between team members becomes real.

    I wrote too long but i dont regret anything.

  35. Mrbeast is basically my childhood dream. Being famous, kind, giving and helpful to other people. I think you should look to the positive side and stop looking at the negatives. I agree with Dw’s comments. He isn’t perfect and nobody is. I agree with that statement dw made. You should actually look at Mrbeasts videos! I mean he spent about 200m probably in total. He broke the world record of the most subscribers gained in one month in 2021 by uploading squid game in IRL. He cleaned up the millions of pounds of trash in the ocean, he’s spent money to homeless people too! Have you seen when Chris’s grandpa had an apartment, and Jimmy built him a better one? I mean, if you got helped out by Mr.Beast you’d be grateful right? He made a chocolate company for you guys, opened a gumboil machine that can get you a flight to Vidcon this year. He went through a drive-thru 1,000 times and donated all of it to food charity! I mean, there can’t be something you’re ungrateful for. He puts his time and money into making good content for the viewers. I mean, he even gave his mom 100,000 dollars so she can pay her bills! I mean every time you click on one of his videos, or subscribe, that’s a helpful hand to him. Look at how much he’s achieved, be grateful and proud for what he’s achieved. He’s so close to 100 million subscribers so the least you can do for him is subscribe, comment or like one of his videos. Please notice what Mr.Beast has done do the community. This is a very long comment

  36. *Hem hem* All this is true, but going straight against him is bad. He HAS helped people, but everybody has pros and cons.

  37. I think this article would be better served focusing on absolute idiots like the Paul brothers, they are the real scourge of wasted time, they are an absolute cancer and they inspire egotism and ungrateful youth. If I had a time machine I’d go back in time and convince their parents to spank them as children or they will bring about the apocalypse. This was a well written and thoughtful perspective on the Beast though. Not sure that I completely agree but my eyes were opened at least,

  38. Beast Bars are the only thing I don’t like about him, everything else is great and has already been covered by other comments

  39. You’re spot on with your critiques. Very interesting insight about the dopamine addiction. I would suspect his channel has hidden backers and strong intelligent support that is purposely exploiting this. He’s the brand, but the power brokers are the back bone. His viewers have no clue.

  40. MrBeast is morally and ethically an empty barrel. Americans seem obsessed by charity, seeing it at something to aspire to, but this is a really skewed and naive view of reality.

    1. Charity targets areas where society has failed. It does not solve the problem or help all afflicted. What the aspiration should be is to make it charity is no longer needed.

    2. MrBeast uses charity as a shield argument just like lotteries do. Lotteries promote gambling and by extension gambling addiction, but look at all the charity we do!!!! Just because you give to charity does not mean your revenue model is ethically sound.

    In studies it has also been proven that coming into large amounts of money, especially from a position of poverty, can be very harmful both physically and psychologically. In many countries lotteries are obliged to offer professional guidance to winners of large sums for good reason. Does MrBeast offer this? Or does he really think giving a Lamborgini to somebody who struggles with paying rent is a solution?

    The MrBeast content is indeed bread and games for tasteless addicts of the lowest common denominator and for their protection alone, rules should be set in place that limits the debauchery of this trash.

  41. I totally agree but your opinion is possibly only a “niche” in the status/money/consumerism/egocentric western world. MrBeast is a master in self marketing putting any moral/ethic values away for the sake of views….but since when such points count anyway 😉

    The real tragedy is that such people get celebrated by a lot of people. Who does more good? A guy who gives out to a homeless guy 10,000 Dollars people (like a lottery) or all the social workers who “anonymously” work hard and try to achieve a LASTING/sustainable solution for the less privileged.

  42. Totally agree with the article, as mr.Beast is just a boring dull industry plant buying his audience by waiving the moneys

  43. All the things in this article agree with this article. Not everything is about attention and views and popularity and money, money, money, which is what much of the Mr Beast content is centered around. But I’m glad that someone with a high role in society is donating and such. All and all, Mr Beast could be better but is an okay guy.

  44. I know I’m a little late for a reply on this, and as much as I didn’t want to post a comment. After reading through all the comments defending Mr. Beast, It forced my hand to make this reply.

    Everyone defending Mr. Beast is either a shill, or don’t know how things work economically so here is a rude awakening for the people defending him that don’t know any better. (The rest of the shills know exactly what I’m about to post)

    Ok so here is the deal,
    There is no person, sponsor, group brand deal..etc on the face of this planet that can and or has the ability to give out at least 3 times the amount of money and cars and houses they’ve taken in, which is exactly what Mr. Beast is doing.

    Going through about a 1/4 of his videos, I found the total of just the ones I went through have an impossible figure to give out.

    The reality is, no matter how popular you are, no company, or combination there of, would ever donate half the cars, and houses he has supposedly given away never mind the absurd unrealistic supposed cash, nor will they just hand over money the amount of money has shows being given out in his videos without some monetary compensation

    In short it would take over 20 of his videos just to equal one of the cars he gave away, it would take even more for the houses. The bottom line here is this is not sustainable for any business, that’s just how economics work.

    Here are just some of the things happening in his videos:
    The money given out has to be returned (This is what’s known in TV as recycling)
    Another sneaky tactic that people don’t know, is if someone wins or is given $40,000 they are never given the amount in one lump sum, instead they would be given a small amount per year of $1200. This method is the most common as it allows someone to maintain taking in more than they have to give out while still legally fulfilling their give-a-way obligation.

    Prizes are also taxed this is out of the control of the people giving away the prizes. Anyone giving away money or prize, that tries to say it’s tax free, is lying. The people giving things away have zero say in what the government/authorities do.

    The people shown in Mr.Beasts videos are either working for the channel, or are some friend or family member, it is beyond extremely rare, there are any actual give-a-ways being done to an actual person.

    BTW there is no difference between scripted and staged, those two words mean the exact same thing in entertainment.

    How do I know all this you might ask, simple, I’ve been in the entertainment field on a professional level for 30+ years. I’ve dealt with everything from major network contracts such as Big Brother, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, all the way up to private colleges and other various venues.

    Even though there is a difference between TV fame, Internet Fame, and word of mouth fame, however they more or less all operate the same exact way for contracts

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