Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, directeur de l'agence d'études de marché IntoTheMinds, dans ses bureaux belges

Who we are: the history of our marketing agency

Entrepreneurs servicing entrepreneurs

Market research firm IntoTheMinds was created in 2005 to meet the marketing needs of SMEs. The observation was simple: small and medium-sized companies have limited access to market research methods and therefore, more often fail to launch their new products and services. IntoTheMinds’ mission is, therefore, to make available to SMEs the tools, market research techniques and resources usually reserved for large companies, to improve their results and strengthen their growth.

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab in his offices

Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, PhD, is the founder of market research firm IntoTheMinds.

The History of IntoTheMinds

The founder of IntoTheMinds is Dr Pierre-Nicolas Schwab. Civil engineer, holder of an MBA in strategy and a PhD in marketing (Université Libre de Bruxelles) dedicated to customer satisfaction. He is internationally recognised as an authority on the subject and imposes rigour and method in all the projects carried out by our company. The team he has recruited around him is committed to applying the same rigour to each project as that required for academic research.

The team

Today, IntoTheMinds’ team is composed of 8 highly specialised and talented consultants, able to tackle the most sophisticated market research. In particular, the team is very proud to be able to use little-used market research methodologies to meet our clients’ expectations. In addition to traditional qualitative and quantitative research methods, we have in-house expertise to manage complex Big Data analyses (data mining, behaviour modelling using structural equations) that enrich customer knowledge.

100% in-house studies

Apart from mystery shopping surveys, for which we also rely on a network of external investigators that we coordinate, all market research projects are entirely carried out in-house. To control the quality of our market research, we do not subcontract any part of it.


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