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We will make your company irresistible.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs think it will be easy when the time comes to sell the fruits of their work. Nothing is less certain. Do you know the criteria that will make your business sell quickly? On the other hand, have you ever thought about strategies to increase the attractiveness potential?
Selling a company requires long-term investment (figuratively) and requires an early start; at least two years before the desired date of transfer.

As baby boomers prepare to retire, the most recent studies show that most companies will not be sold. This is even more damaging as these companies represent a large pool of jobs destined to disappear.

The work by Yvonne Slots and Loek Swelsen (Hogeschool Zuid, The Netherlands) shows that the barriers to the sale of a company are:

  • assessing the value of the company
  • search for prospective buyers
  • emotional aspects
  • lack of expertise of the prospective buyer
  • tax problems
  • difficulties in raising funds

IntoTheMinds can help entrepreneurs who want to sell their company. We offer support for the financial evaluation of the company and find ways to increase its value. The implementation of operating procedures will help the buyer to transition easily into the role of business owner.

As a result, the work of IntoTheMinds is useful both to the buyer and seller, and we can assist a buyer to access funds easier.

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