Stay one step ahead. Discover emerging trends before your competitors do.

Stay one step ahead. Discover emerging trends before your competitors do.

Whatever the size of your business, we have solutions to help you rethink your marketing strategy which fit your budget. We rely in particular on the global trends study (trends spotting). You can find some of our analysis on our blog where we comment about new trends in various industries. As part of our marketing intellignce efforts we attend every year numerous professional events (fairs, conferences, ...) allowing us to observe and analyze trends in various sectors and countries. In the food and beverage industry for instance we have been covering the SIAL fair for 10 years and have a press accreditation giving us access to the latest information. 


Detecting Trends

IntoTheMinds has partnered with Soon Soon Soon, a crowdsourcing trends agency with a network of 1500 “scouts” around the world. These scouts continually feed a database of innovations from start-ups, large companies, artists and designers. These innovations are the initial signals highlighting the trends to come in all business sectors and throughout the world.
We sell Soon Soon Soon solutions in Belgium and will support you to conduct a tailored trends study for your business sector.
These trend studies can be completed with competition analyses (competition benchmark) as well as with our whole range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions.

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Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is one of the pillars of success for a business. We serve large companies, SMEs, micro-enterprises and project leaders. Our offers keep your budget in mind and we will systematically propose the best solutions allowing you to benefit from subsidies and thus reduce our fees in half.
Here are some of the problems we can help you solve :

  • You want to differentiate yourself
  • You want to create an innovate customer experience
  • You want to retain your customers
  • You want to create new products or services
  • You are looking for original positioning

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