We give you access to the hidden needs of your client

We give you access to the hidden needs of your client

The failure of new products and services launched by SMEs is due to the combination of two main factors:

  • the absence of structured marketing procedures to evaluate the true potential of the innovation
  • the difficulty in assessing the needs of potential clients

Neuroscience specialists agree that 95% of needs cannot be expressed by customers. Those needs, which cannot be expressed consciously, represent an unsuspected potential for new products and services. The  companies which are able to use this knowledge will gain unchallenged competitive advantages.

IntoTheMinds uses efficient qualitative research tools to access the latent needs of your customers:

  • face-to-face individual interviews and semantic analysis
  • triangulation through field observations (ethnographic research)

These methods are scientifically validated and used in academic research. You can expect the same rigor from us.


Example of business case:

A Belgian SME that specialized in fresh fruit juices (smoothies) was about to focus its marketing strategy on the nutritional aspects of its products. The needs analysis carried out by IntoTheMinds showed that unexpressed nutritional aspects were secondary in the minds of customers and that the most important aspects were not yet exploited by the firm.

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