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IntoTheMinds is a consulting company with expertise in the following main fields: marketing, profitability analysis and data analysis (so-called Big Data). We use our expertise to solve specific problems or more general ones within our clients’ strategy development frame. In Belgium we have agreements with the state for grant awards of up to 50%.

Our two flagship services are market research for SMEs and support for would-be entrepreneurs who implement the market research. This latter service is specially adapted to the financial possibilities of startups. In 2018 we will complete these services with a tailored-made subscription-based offer (249€) for would-be entrepreneurs.

Watch the testimonial of Thomas Cabrol, director of ProDégustation (, who has been  our client since 2005 and whose financial results have skyrocketed thanks especially to a retention rate multiplied by 5 times, a word-of-mouth multiplied by 4 and a market share increase of 20%.

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