We have the keys.

We have the keys.

Market research conducted by IntoTheMinds allows you to:

  • Know exactly why your customers buy (or not)
  • Know the size of a market, its evolution, growth prospects, and trends in related sectors
  • Know the unconscious needs of your prospective customers and adapt your products and services accordingly
  • Identify and quantify growth segments, the ones at maturity and the decreasing ones
  • Analyze buying patterns and their evolution
  • Know your competitors, their strategies, their positioning and the profitability of the sector
  • Detect threats and opportunities and their consequences

All our market research is tailor-made and accompanied by our recommendations for each aspect of your marketing strategy.
We do not provide you with raw data. We analyze them while taking into account the specifics of your project and business and offer practical and achievable ideas to improve your marketing strategy.
Because we are also a small business, we understand better than anyone the needs of our customers and strive to stay practical and realistic. We will never offer an unrealistic plan of action or a ”high in the sky” plan.


Practical aspects:

  • Duration: Our market research typically lasts between 2 and 6 months depending on the complexity of the project and in particular on the finalization of the needs analysis phase (qualitative analysis). The average duration is 3.5 months. A consultant is dedicated to your project and is supervised by a manager. The latter one becomes your single point of contact.


  • Deliverables: Presentations are organized during the project, where you are updated on the progress of our analysis. We run a typical first meeting during the customer needs analysis phase and complete a customer needs evaluation. The deliverables consist of a printed version of the presentations that you are given and a final report at the end of the meeting.

Financial aspects:
Although each market study is unique and custom-made for our clients, we spend an average of 30 working days (spread over 3.5 months on average) per study. We are able, from the very first appointment, to give you an accurate price range. A contractual offer is usually sent within 72 hours from the first appointment. Average price for a market research study is around 10000€.

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