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All the advantages of a marketing expert in your company without the inconvenience.

European SMEs recognize the importance of listening to the customers, of being customer-centric, and use relationship marketing techniques to ensure their competitiveness. Nevertheless, most of them do not have a marketing function within their own organization.
IntoTheMinds provides a solution to this paradox. By sharing their efforts on several projects simultaneously, our project managers enable you to benefit from economies of scale while ensuring customized solutions.
We manage projects either within the company or more independently from our offices. By making available and implementing practical tools adapted from those used in larger companies your company remains competitive.

Practical aspects:

A project manager is dedicated to your project. With the distribution of effort over several projects simultaneously we can generally implement a marketing project in a SME for a small fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Your advantages:

  • You remain competitive by ensuring the presence of a marketing function
  • You do not need to invest in a full-time marketing function
  • Your company retains its competitiveness by using the methods and the most powerful tools tailored to its activity


Examples of recent cases:

  • Creation of new products and repositioning of older ones
  • Development of measurement tools for satisfaction, complaint handling and winning back lost customers
  • Implementation of participatory marketing programs
  • Preparation of LBO (Leveraged Buyout)
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