Data mining is a strategic challenge. We can help make your data speak.

Data mining is a strategic challenge. We can help make your data speak.

Your data is valuable and it has never been more critical to exploit it to better understand your customers and support your growth. Our data mining and business intelligence consultants will offer you practical solutions to make your data speak.

Our credo: Understand customers before interpreting the data

Being a good statistician is not enough. Behaviourist qualities are essential in order to not misinterpret the data.
NOur expertise in qualitative marketing leads us first to understand customer behaviours before analysing the data. Because of this, we make sure to not provide you with meaningless results.

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Data mining tools and techniques

While some large companies have data mining tools integrated within their CRM or their ERP, most companies (especially SMEs) do not have access to such tools. We have completed many dozen data mining and business intelligence missions in SMEs and micro-businesses and use our own tools in these cases. For example, we use “Tableau” software that enables quick visualisation of data, to segment it and focus the analysis; all at no charge.
We also look after capturing new sources of data in order to complete your database. In the past we have enriched the data for some of our customers with data from cameras, security gates, cash registers, and social media. Whatever your challenge may be, we are ready to tackle it with you to find a satisfactory solution.

Recent completed projects include behavioral modeling in the banking sector, external data visualisation in the media industry, data analysis in the retail sector.

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Business intelligence

Data analysis can be performed in a very statistical and theoretical manner. We prefer a practical down-to-Earth approach, in line with the operating styles of SMEs and micro-enterprises.
We always prefer meaningful, understandable results, aligned with your business. Do not count on us to provide you with incomprehensible equations without added value.
We will not be satisfied until our analysis of the situation enables you to better understand your customers and generate more revenue.

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