Get out of the crowd and see an ocean of growth.

Get out of the crowd and see an ocean of growth.

Why should you enter the price war? Don’t get trapped in the commoditization of your products or services. Let your competitors kill each other while you stand out, increasing the sustainability of your margin and your growth perspectives.

IntoTheMinds specialized in the search for new growth opportunities where your company can thrive safely, protected from predators and competition. Our in-depth analyses, based on qualitative as well as quantitative met will help you uncover unexploited or underexploited potential markets. We use our recommendations with an analysis of market trends and a market study to propose new innovative value-creating paths.
The results will be presented to you in positioning charts that enable us to engage in constructive dialogue to determine the best options for your company to exploit.

Example of recent business case in the leisure industry (produc sold in mass retail outlets):

Creation of two new ranges of products leading to a 5-fold increase of loyalty and a 300% margin increase

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