More satisfaction, more profits.

More satisfaction, more profits.

There has never been a better way for a business to increase profits than to concentrate on the satisfaction of its customers.  Customer satisfaction has an influence on many crucial pillars of a business such as customer loyalty and word-of-mouth.  

There is no company that would dare say that the satisfaction of their customers is not their first priority. However, such declarations are rarely anything more than good intentions. How do you measure, for example, the satisfaction of your clients? And what do you do with these results if indeed you want to analyze and understand them?

IntoTheMinds assists all types of companies in defining the criteria that influence customer satisfaction. We also help you gather the right data (throughqualitative methods or satisfaction surveys for instance), analyse it, and implement the measures that will increase customer satisfaction and profits.  

Examples of recent projects:

  • Leisure sector: company serving 20,000 customers per year
    • Research and definition of criteria influencing satisfaction and customer loyalty
    • Development and implementation of a strategy for data collection in 13 sales outlets throughout France
    • Definition of the specifications of a tool for data analysis
    • Monitoring of results
    • Proposal and implementation of operational actions have increased satisfaction by 7 points.

  • Fast food: company serving over 1000 customers per day
    • Research and definition of the criteria influencing the perception of service quality
    • Establishment of an online monitoring system of satisfaction indicators and collecting  feedback
    • Implementation and deployment in retail outlets.
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