A Harvard University study showed that loyalty is the most powerful factor in increasing profits. Depending on the industry, a 5% increase in loyalty can result in a profit increase ranging from 30% to 85%. The mechanisms leading to loyalty are complex. It is false, for instance, to believe that customer satisfaction alone can lead to loyalty. In some industrues factors other than customer satisfaction can increase customer loyalty significantly.
IntoTheMinds worked with numerous businesses in the following industries:

  • restaurant
  • automotive
  • banking
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • professional training
  • e-commerce
  • leisure and entertainment
  • retail

Working with IntoTheMinds will enable you to  leverage immediately these experiences and enjoy the results previously achieved by other companies in similar sectors.

Example of a recent project in e-commerce:

Although customer satisfaction was already measured in some way by the client, the improvements achieved were not sufficient to increase customer retention rate. This was however crucial and urgent since acquisitions costs were starting to skyrocket.
IntoTheMinds prepared an action plan (partly deployed by the company itself) based on social media, the creation of new products and services that meet the unconscious desires of the customers, and developed partnerships with key partners from the sectors.
IntoTheMinds was given the possibility to negotiate partnerships on behalf of the client. The popularity of the company by means of Word-of-mouth increased  from 11% to 41%, which was followed by a decrease in advertisement and acquisition costs.  Customer loyalty went up from 4% to 25%. 

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