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A strong company, ready to pass through crisis.

Experts agree on the root causes of bankruptcies of SMEs. They are due either to a lack of alignment with the environment or to financial malfunctions.
A study carried out at the University of Liège (Belgium) showed that those root causes are pretty much distributed evenly. Lack of alignment with the environment will obviously increase the failure rate of products/services and accelerate the SME’s financial decline.

According to Hills and LaForge, 60% of bankruptcies could be avoided if more attention and time were dedicated to the preliminary study of products (study of customers’ needs, study of the competitive environment). The importance of marketing is underestimated by entrepreneurs who focus too much of their attention on commercial and financial aspects and who tend to have a biased opinion of their own products and services. However, a study based on the experience of 14 venture capitalists who have coached more than 200 SMEs, showed that marketing was rated the highest in importance (6,7 on  a scale of 7), even above financial and sales criteria.

IntoTheMinds assists at all steps of the product life-cycle, even the earliest. Depending on your case, we perform an analysis which can be more or less comprehensive and which will reveal the potential areas of improvement quickly. The latter are expressed in concrete actions that our clients can decide to implement themselves or with our help, in order to reposition their product or service.

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