We will guide you step by step to realize your project.

We will guide you step by step to realize your project.

The idea of the coaching service was inspired  by Massimo, a young entrepreneur who had a project in the fast food sector and who wanted to carry out a market study.

Entrepreneurs usually have the time and the willingness to put in the research to understand their future market better. The aim of this coaching service is to guide and advise them in their market study and to bring our expertise to the moments where its value will be highest.
We guide and advise entrepreneurs on many different aspects such as:

  • Positioning and identifying potential customers
  • Carrying out the quantitative research (preparing the survey, defining the questions, targeting the right respondents, choosing the geographical area where to administrate the survey, analyzing and interpreting the results)
  • Studying the general market trends
  • Analyzing the competition (identification of competitors, identification of substitute products, analyzing balance sheets, mapping the competition)
  • Studying the legal requirements of the business (norms, intellectual property, etc.).
  • Pricing products and services, preparing the profitability analysis and the business plan
  • Analyzing the customer experience and proposing a differentiation strategy
  • Working on the distribution strategy and in particular on the online identity

Practical aspects:
The would-be entrepreneur communicates the themes that he wishes us to address at least 48 hours before the session (5 days in advance for the first session).
We meet internally to discuss these issues and we build a first impression of the project and the market taking into account our previous and ongoing meetings.
The session takes place in the morning or the afternoon with one of our senior consultants. The project manager receives concrete answers to his questions and a report, together with an action plan, sent to the project owner within 48 hours after the session.
Depending on the spacing of the sessions and the work pace of the project leader, coaching usually lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Financial aspects:
Depending on the number of sessions and the complexity of the project, the price typically varies from € 3500 to €7000. For residents of the Walloon and Brussels regions, the price is reduced to between € 1,750 to € 3,500 excluding VAT after allocation of subsidies (which we have obtained in 100% of our projects).
This price includes an internal meeting of preparation before the first meeting, the drafting of reports and action plans and monitoring the project between sessions. For residents of the Walloon and Brussels regions, formalities related to obtaining subsidies and reimbursement are also included in the price.

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