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Superlove : a concept store you can’t miss if you are in Copenhagen

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If you are in Copenhagen make sure you pay a visit to Superlove, a concept store located on Nørregade 45.
This very nice authentic store is arranged around a wooden mezzanine that gives it a very “lofty” and modern look. The retail is very neatly organized and comprises some very cool items (clothes for women mainly but also objects for the home in the famous danish design).
From a retail concept viewpoint, Superlove is pretty similar to Merci in Paris. It’s a very design place full of unique, carefully selected items, that are equally desirable and will create temptations you’ll hardly be able to resist.

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Author: Pierre-Nicolas Schwab

Pierre-Nicolas est Docteur en Marketing et dirige l'agence d'études de marché IntoTheMinds. Ses domaines de prédilection sont le BigData l'e-commerce, le commerce de proximité, l'HoReCa et la logistique. Il est également chercheur en marketing à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles et sert de coach et formateur à plusieurs organisations et institutions publiques. Il peut être contacté par email, Linkedin ou par téléphone (+32 486 42 79 42)

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