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#REDOffreMoiUniPhone : an almost free communication campaign on Twitter

Red by SFR offered a free green iPhone on Twitter on 4 January 2021. This guerrilla marketing operation entitled #REDOffreMoiUniPhone was carried out smoothly and ensured the brand the highly envied 1st place in the Twitter trends ranking. A look back at a successful guerrilla marketing operation that should inspire many.


To celebrate the new year Red by SFR waited until 04 January to launch a marketing operation which offered it a 1st place in the ranking of French trends on Twitter. However, there was some heavy stuff on the other side, notably with the #TrumpTapes. But in the end, it was #REDOffreMoiUniPhone, which allowed them to collect nearly 3300 retweets in 3 hours. And this is likely to continue until 11/04/21 when the operation ends. We will see if Red by SFR is capable of trumping the 1st place for a week.

The tweet content was as refreshing as the apple green colour of the iPhone itself.

Between debauchery of emojis …


… funny word play

and touching messages …

… Internet users have not lacked imagination to try their luck.

The action lasts until January 11, 2021. A draw will take place on 11/01/21 at 2pm.

Lessons to remember from the #REDOffersMoiUniPhone action

Would #REDOfferMoiUniPhone be one of the most profitable marketing operations of the year? We’ll see on 11 January, but the least we can say is that for a starting bet of 1000€ the people in the com’ must be rubbing their hands together.

This proves that with a certain amount of creativity, it is still possible to do without paid ads. The initial stake is minimal, but some precautions must be taken beforehand:

  • Choose a prize that’s worth it (with an Apple product it’s hard to go wrong).
  • Choose a product that appeals to the customer segment you are trying to reach (Red by SFR is a low-cost brand, so it targets young people).
  • Choose the right timing
  • Choose your social network well (Twitter or Instagram were perfectly adapted)

Therefore, the lesson I would like to take from this action is that we can still make lovely marketing operations with very reasonable budgets. Congratulations to Red by SFR!






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Pierre-Nicolas est Docteur en Marketing et dirige l'agence d'études de marché IntoTheMinds. Ses domaines de prédilection sont le BigData l'e-commerce, le commerce de proximité, l'HoReCa et la logistique. Il est également chercheur en marketing à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles et sert de coach et formateur à plusieurs organisations et institutions publiques. Il peut être contacté par email, Linkedin ou par téléphone (+32 486 42 79 42)

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