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The last 4 weeks were quite intensive in terms of work. As we announced last week, we wanted to push our interactive map of pop-up stores. The project slowly took a new path and we ended up with setting up a methodology to collect and organize the information, a worldwide focus and … a website.

More than 100 pop-up stores at your finger tips

There are several difficulties to master with popup shops. The first one is to get aware of them. They are temporary, open and close quickly, and pretty hard to detect. There is no single source online to have a comprehensive overview (hence the added value of this project) and only a few websites exist to list events in certain towns (like London).

The second difficulty is to keep the list up-to-date and that’s a daily job.

The third difficulty is to display the information in an attractive way. We found nothing better than the Pro version of Google Map (4€/month) to organize and display all the information. The first releae of the map being finished, we are happy to share it with you.

Integrated info in the Google Map placeholders

What you’ll notice is that we worked on making the placeholders comprehensive, yet attractive. We included the very basic information (brand name, opening and closing dates, a few words of explanation) and did our best to include also attractive pictures and/or videos for each store so that you can get a first look at it from the map.

Currently we included for each store an external hyperlink but the intention is to have a 100-word article describing each store we selected. And to host those articles we obviously had to create a website.

A new website was born. Please welcome …

As the name tells, the intention is select (which remains a subjective matter) what we think are the pop-up retail initiatives worldwide that deserve attention. We don’t go for comprehensiveness here (how could we) but want to provide a repository where retail enthusiast will be able to find inspiration and fuel their creativity.

This new website is the first step to host our thinking and analysis about the retail world on a separate platform and reserve the IntoTheMinds’ blog for deeper and cross-sectorial analysis.

The realization of the website was for us also a test; given the limited budget for this initiative, we chose to contract a supplier in India. We limited the risks of so-doing by choosing to go for a wordpress-based website and a paying template which assured us of support. To manage language issues on the website we also opted for a plugin we purchased (WPML) with which we’ve had excellent experience.

All in all the collaboration with the Indian provider was an enriching one. The language issues were not always easy to manage and we had to test a lot by ourselves (the level of detail is much better in Europe). But in the end the price paid can’t be rivaled and given the type of website we wanted the risk was low.

The website is not finished yet. Please forgive us for the remaining translation issues that will be fixed in the coming days. And don’t hesitate of course to send us your feedback or submit us a pop-up store to include (like Melanie Rigo who was the first one to do it and deserves a mention for the pop-up store Rigo has opened in Brussels to celebrate 40 years in business)

Credits : photograph by Nicolas Raymond via Flickr
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Author: Pierre-Nicolas Schwab

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab is the founder of IntoTheMinds. He specializes in e-commerce, retail and logistics. He is also a research fellow in the marketing department of the Free University of Brussels and acts as a coach for several startups and public organizations. He holds a PhD in Marketing, a MBA in Finance, and a MSc in Chemistry. He can be contacted by email, Linkedin or by phone (+32 486 42 79 42)

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