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BestPopUpStores : can you present us your company ?

The pop-up store Munich at La Maquinista Centro Comercial. Barcelona, nov.2014 - mart.2015

Eli Cayuela, graphic and product designer

Eli Cayuela : StudioÄnimal is an architecture and interior design office leaded by Javier Jiménez Iniesta and based in Barcelona… Eli Cayuela is a graphic and product designer based in Barcelona too. We eventually work together in order to implement capabilities related with the commission we are working on.

Depending on the kind of client and project we like to give them a complete work, that means, design of the space, but furniture and graphic too, offering a complex product worked from the concept to its construction.

We try to make use of our diverse training in several design areas, offering to the client all needed skills.

Our websites: www.elicayuela.com  www.studioanimal.es

BestPopUpStores : What are the reasons behind launching this pop-up store? What is the role of the pop-up store within the marketing strategy of the company ? Which goals are you trying to achieve?

EC : Our client in this case, Munich, is a company with several shops in Barcelona, and some other shops in another spanish cities. They are developing a policy for growth now. The retail strategy consists on testing possible locations during two or three months. Considering this, we look for best image with less resources.

BestPopUpStores : How was the conception and the realization of the pop-up store carried out ? Were you helped in this process or was everything done internally ? How did you decide on the duration and localization of the pop-up store ?

 EC : We always begin with a powerful concept. Here, we decided to work with the clarity of the logo, the X and its abstraction transforming it into an abstract grid. It creates an infinite surface that cover walls, glass and floor. A kind of stained glass effect invades the space. Then, thinking about how to show the shoes and use the space: we extrude triangles of the grid generating new surfaces like shelves, counter space and seats.

In this project we have worked with Cartonlab, an spanish company that works with board.

In the production process has been used more than one ton of cardboard, 100% recyclable, and finished digitally cut into direct printing. Assembly time was only a few hours.

BestPopUpStores : According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a pop-up store ? Are you satisfied with the results achieved (or being achieved) and which conclusions do you draw of this initiative ?

EC : In this project we have created a powerful image for the company with less resources, only using board and printed vinyl, and a week of work at the site. It is eco friendly and really cheap.



Credits : pictures included with the authorization of Javier Jiménez Iniesta (StudioÄnimal) & Eli Cayuela Martínez

Photograph: Albert Marin

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