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Data science explained by a child

The term “data science” remains opaque to the average person. Yet these two words are often used in the press as one of the most trendy disciplines of the moment. To demystify the terms used in the field of data, we have launched a series of videos hosted by our star presenter: Pierre-Raffaele (10 years old at the time of shooting) 🙂

After the success of his series on “The Business World”, Pierre-Raffaele is now tackling the World of Data.

The first 4 episodes are dedicated to the 4 main challenges that data scientists face daily:

  • data cleaning
  • data preparation (data prep)
  • data mining
  • data visualisation (data viz)

They will be followed by episodes on specific problems encountered by data scientists daily.

Each video capsule lasts about 2 minutes and aims to explain in simple words what is behind these terms. Pierre-Raffaele uses humour … and his Lego to shed light on the mysteries of data.
This small, unpretentious series is produced entirely by us. If you like the concept and if you would like to sponsor us, please do not hesitate to contact us. The 1st episode can be watched above, the 2nd below. To find all the episodes of the playlist, go to YouTube at this address.

Happy viewing and as Pierre-Raffaele says “on the way to new datadventures”.


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