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BMW associated to Kuka in a marketing operation

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BMW launched a marketing operation with industrial robot manufacturer Kuka in its Brussels flagship store (located Boulevard de Waterloo 23-24).

A giant transparent glass cube, ca. 3 m wide, has been installed at the entrance of the store to operate demonstration of the robot capabilities.

A Bavarian co-branding initiative

It seems that co-branding initiatives are popular currently. We just reported on the Dandoy / Delvaux initiative two weeks ago, a 100% Brussels co-branding operation between two old brands. BMW associates itself to another Bavarian brand with which they have industrial relationships for many years. Kuka’s headquarters are located in Augsburg and the firm has specialized in robots for industrial use since the seventies.

Kuka robots have become more or less a standard in automotive manufacturing where they are used for instance to weld and assemble metal parts into the body of the car.

From car to furniture manufacturing

In the setting of the BMW flagship store, the robot is not used to demonstrate any part of the car manufacturing process. Instead it is coupled with a chain saw to transform a piece of wood into two lovely stools. The theme of the store is currently very much focused on Mother Nature with trunks of silver birch all over the place. The silver birch is evocative of northern countries and the stools have a pronounced Nordic design too.


The initiative is really cool and attracts people walking by. Kids are stunned and you can see in their sparkling eyes that robots are magical for them.

Don’t miss the show if you are in the neighborhood. It takes place twice a day on weekdays, and on Saturday it’s 3 times (at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm).

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Author: Pierre-Nicolas Schwab

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab is the founder of IntoTheMinds. He specializes in e-commerce, retail and logistics. He is also a research fellow in the marketing department of the Free University of Brussels and acts as a coach for several startups and public organizations. He holds a PhD in Marketing, a MBA in Finance, and a MSc in Chemistry. He can be contacted by email, Linkedin or by phone (+32 486 42 79 42)

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