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Best wine bar in the world opens franchise

Our very first client was Thomas Cabrol, then founder of ProDegustation. We carried out a very complex market research project for him that led to improving dramatically the profitability of ProDegustation. After ProDegustation got sold in 2011 to the Videlot holding (owner among others of Chateau Petrus), Thomas prepared its next venture. He opened in 2013 a wine bar in Toulouse (N5 wine bar) that was voted best wine bar in Europe in 2016, and best wine bar in the world in 2017.
After four successful years of operations, the N5 wine bar is now ready for a new development phase. In late September we had 3 days of intensive meetings with Thomas to prepare the launch of the N5 franchise.

The N5 wine bar in figures

  • opened from 6pm until midnight (1 am on Saturday)
  • 49 sqm
  • 9 employees
  • Revenues >20000€ per sqm
  • up to 1000 tapas sold per evening
  • more than 250 customers per evening during weekend

The N5 wine bar franchise

The success of the N5 franchise will be based on the grounds that have made the very success of the N5 wine bar in Toulouse : a top-tier, very differentiated positioning that breaks with conventional wine bars. Customers might expect exquisite food, exclusive tapas and the world’s best selection of wines by the glass (which got also an award from the Wine Spectator).
In the last 4 years Thomas Cabrol has developed amazing tapas, combining fresh ingredients and unique cooking methods, that he serves for a  affordable prices. Recipes, specially adapted to the cooking skills of non professionals, have been prepared and will be taught to franchisees.
N5 franchisees will also benefit from a top selection of wines to respect the positioning and seasonal fresh selection of wines by the glass that will be differentiators in the market.

Market for the N5 wine bar franchise

Thomas Cabrol welcomes applications from all over Europe. Previous market research has shown that market potential is best in cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants. Applications in France (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg), Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp), United Kingdom (London), Italy, Spain, Germany (Munich, Francfort), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich) are expected. To send you application please visit this page on the N5winebar website.

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