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American Eagle makes your pair of jeans and the customer experience unique

How to create a unique customer experience and differentiate you from the crowd ? This is a recurrent topic on this blog (see for instance our analysis of the Sonos and Flying Tiger customer experiences).
Today we’ll analyse the in-store customer experience offered by an American fashion brand : American Eagle.

Make your pair of jeans your very own : a unique customer experience

The concept behind American Eagle is that each pair of jeans should be unique. The brand offers a set of tools to customize your product in your very own way.
These tools are available in stores as “customization stations” where your pair of jeans can be brought and adapted to your very own taste.
The in-store experience is therefore richer than in a normal store where the only differentiation points are usually centered around the selling experience and the quality of service. In the case of American Eagle the customer becomes part of the experience and as you can imagine the time spent in the store can very much increase compared to a normal store.

Change the color 

It all starts with the color of your jeans. A wall of washing machines are located at the back of the store to wash your new pair of jeans out and give it a new shade.
Bring your pair of jeans to this station and chose how you want your very product to look like.

Customization booth

The customization booth is the one which is most visible in the store: it’s centrally located at the back of the store and ressembles the customization station that you can find in a Nike flasghip store (see for instance the example of a Nike store below).
At this step of the process you can chose which garnments you’d like to change to make your pair of jeans unique (just like you).

Paint workshop

Last but not least, on the day of our visit in the Union Square store, customers had the possibility to paint their product. A small workshop had been installed in the entrance (see pictures below) where customers could further personalize the product and add a personal touch.

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