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Allianz mobile app for connected car insurance hooks prospective customers

Transforming leads into clients is a challenge for most companies and the heart of the sales process. What if leads could convert themselves into customers ?
In that perspective the initiative of Allianz in the field of “connected insurance” is very clever.
The promise of “connected car insurances” is to obtain a discount depending on how well you drive. Allianz gives up to 30% discount for good drivers.

A mobile application gives you a first glimpse in the value of the service

Subscribing to this type of insurance requires that a so-called “telematic unit” (a black box) recording your speed, acceleration and braking be installed in your vehicle. This is probably seen by most customers as a hurdle and a deterrent to subscription. To overcome that problem Allianz has developed a mobile application that prospective customers can use to evaluate, in anonymous mode, what they could have saved.

Visualize behaviors to create virtuous habits

This mobile app give users a feeling of the value of the service for them in a most simple way. Moreover that kind of application proves to be addictive because, besides the reward, it gives an immediate feedback on one’s own driving behavior. This is a way to make invisible visible and to create a virtuous circle that will turn into habits. Toyota long understood that concept and developed a very good way to turn Prius owners into responsible drivers. The Prius’ information system gives indeed a real-time feedback, split into 5-min intervals, on how much gas was consumed and how much energy was regenerated.


The Allianz mobile application is a very clever marketing move because it leverages two value-creation aspects for the user. First of all it helps users visualize their own driving behaviors and act on it. Second users get a direct feedback on how much they could save by subscribing to a connect car insurance.

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