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Do you need to be guided in your company project?

Do you need to be guided in your company project? Read more

Do you need to be guided in your company project?

Our coaching services allow entrepreneurs to carry out  the different phases of the market research themselves, while being guided and accompanied by professionals in the field.
This coaching is provided as 4-hour work sessions which serve to answer the questions of the project taker (which he provided in advance so that our consultants can discuss and prepare answers). An action plan is prepared at the end of each session -- the implementation of which will be done by the entrepreneur. Therefore the frequency of the sessions and the pace at which the project progresses, are determined by the entrepreneur.
This service is accredited by the Wallonia and the Brussels Regions and can be subsidized to 50% if the would-be entrepreneur is located in one of those two regions.

A new subscription-based service (249€/month) will be launched in 2018 to lower budget constraints for most would-be entrepreneurs and allow them to do their market research study themselves with the help of online tools.

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